Gifts for the New Year?

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One of the most enjoyable traditions of the New Year - the tradition of giving each other presents. EtcAwda and in that ointment you can find a small spoonful of tar, when you realize that a holiday is almost here, and the gifts are not ready yet. Here - and then begins "Gift hysteria." So many loved ones, friends, colleagues, family and everyone you need to prepare for surprises. How to please everyone, and do not suffer financially?

Let's break Liudei, which you intend to present surprises into categories:

1. Colleagues:

It is not necessary to buy expensive gifts too. Your colleagues and yourself can be embarrassing if you will present expensive gift. Hardly any of them have prepared for you the same thing. Under the new year in the shops you can find a lot of variety andinexpensive souvenir statues, symbols of the coming year. All this will be an excellent gift for the people you work with. The same rule applies to friends.

As for the bosses. As a rule, the head of a gift should be from the whole team. It is unobtrusive and yet not expensive, since at present gathered inSem team.

If you are the boss, their subordinates to arrange a banquet, buffet, cook entertainment. A great Christmas gift for the whole team. Such banquets, outside the working environment can help even more to rally your friendly staff.

2. Relatives and people close to:

This category of people we want on the give that will please them. Think about their hobbies. Someone that loves who it collects. From this and repels. Do not buy family gifts from "useful". Such gifts should be presented only if you ordered them. Mama needs a new pan?Just buy her her. Beloved need pants. Go to the store and select them. A New Year to prepare these people for something special.

3. Gifts for children:

What to give to children is a different story. The best gift would be something that the child had long dreamed of. You probably already know what it is. If not, ask Reubenka, or write a letter to Santa Claus together.

Another gift for the baby can become parish Santa Claus to visit him. You do not know how to organize it? Online to help you. can be found on any holiday agency.

It does not matter how much it will cost you your gift, it is important to make it from allon the heart.


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