Laptop is not included / not coming out of sleep / waiting mode - what to do?

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In most notebooks the default is automaticallyth transition in standby mode, and then - in "sleep" mode to conserve battery power. If all goes well, then the output from the standby mode is enough to move the mouse / finger on the touchpad to hold or press any key on the keyboard. To exit the "sleep" you need to click on your notebook. About the visit of the laptop in "sleep" in theMost cases can be judged by the flashing status indicator Notebook:

  • If continuously lit - enabled laptop in standby mode;
  • flashes - the laptop in "sleep";
  • does not light at all - the notebook is off.

But it does happen, that at one point the laptop does not come out ands standby or sleep mode. The reasons for this may be a few, and we will look at below. Most of them you can decide on their own, while others - require the intervention of skilled people from Computer service Domodedovo, which -

The first reason

The firstand the most popular reason - laptop battery is discharged. When you reach a certain level of battery charge (typically 5-10% less), the notebook automatically goes into sleep mode to save energy and to save important information, which could lose in the event of a sharp turn off the notebook after the battery runs out. In addition, completeDischarging the battery is harmful for most laptop battery, even though there are available controllers charge-discharge.

The solution is quite simple - to connect a laptop to the charger, to give a few minutes to recharge the battery and turn on. If included, the problem is solved.

The second reason

The second reason may be hidden deeper and more connected with the residual charge accumulated in the components of the laptop after going into sleep mode. This problem occurs not only in laptops, but in desktops, when after disconnecting the computer stops responding to the power key.

In order to solve this type of problem the solution is simple - to disconnect from the mains for a few minutes and pull out your laptop battery. After that, several times, press the on / or hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. Then give a few minutes of a laptop / PC to discharge completely and tryamb on again.

The reason for the third

The third reason: conflict or failure of one of the batteries of laptop - battery or power supply (aka - the charger).

Check this option only - disconnect the charger from the wall outlet and the laptop, remove them battery and give a few minutes to « discharge & raquo ;. Then connect the charger only - try to play. If included - Charger defective (at first glance).

Then, unplug the charger from the mains and from the laptop and connect the battery. We try to include. If enabled, the ICUtheme was successfully loaded and the battery is stable (ie - not shut down immediately or after a few minutes), and then the battery is defective. Now turn off the laptop and connect the charger already paired with the battery. Turn on the laptop. If now all-inclusive, then the variant single "glitch". If the problem is novtoryatsya periodically or some element still is defective or conflict, it must be replaced (in the case of the battery) or try to repair (in the event of a power supply unit).

The reason for the fourth

The fourth reason: the program. Its essence lies in problems with the driver laptop - mustacheciency wrong driver; virus has damaged one or more files or the driver is not at all (although automatic "windose" drivers rarely cause such a problem, but anything can happen). Solution: Download the official website of the manufacturer's latest drivers for your laptop and install them. This should solve the problem.

Another version of the software problems of character - it's Bios (BIOS). Perhaps for the first version of the BIOS were made some mistakes in his writing. Solution: Download the latest driver from the manufacturer's website, and if there is a Bios flash according to the instructions from the website of the manufacturer of laptop.

WARNING !!! SewApplication BIOS can be dangerous. Refer to qualified service personnel for help! In case if you want to stitch it yourself, make sure that the battery life was at a level of at least 50%! Typically, the BIOS firmware takes several minutes, but the tripping current of electricity could lead to "zaporennya" BIOS chip and without a special programMatora flash it will be impossible!

The reason for the fifth

The fifth reason: the failure of a component of a laptop, most often - the motherboard. Confirm this option may be the service center where qualified after inspection can name the exact reason, the item that is out of order. ATmost cases, laptop motherboard can be repaired.

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