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The worst thing happens on vacation when you go to rest (for example, the sea,Mountain), and a few days later you forget about the rest and start treatment because of some little things - there was a runny nose, ears popped, then cough - and all we wanted from this trip, it remains in our dreams. please visit

There are 2 reasons for this "disease"

The first - when we arereally in the pure nature our body begins to cleanse itself and all that we have received through our civilization, comes in the form of mucus, expectorate mucus (congestion) from the respiratory tract, diarrhea (think bottled water is bad, but in fact the water the whole "mess "washes). I came across a lot of time with such a situation. The young man startingfamiliarize severe headache, dizzy, dizzy. Tablets hardly helped. But when a person begins to smoke more cigarettes or after the usual 3-day journey back to the familiar home environment - everything was. That is, it turns out that during the life of civilization in our body adjusts to thepoisons that exist around us: polluted air, chlorinated drinking water, down the amount of oxygen in the air, and the like. And when a person falls into the natural environment, the cleanliness of the whole environment for the first time for her is poison - the body takes time to adjust to working in these new cleans conditions and then ruffle any dirt. In this case, it is not necessary to treat a runny nose, cough, « wrong » the work of our digestive system, and the need to help them as quickly as possible to get rid of the negative "ballast" and to adapt to the normal conditions of existence.

The second - when due to a weakened civilizationimmunity, a person catches a cold or infection.

Prevention ENT

It should be noted that it is necessary vysyakat not much came out of the nose open. In poor patency of the nasal passage and low stress can rupture blood vessels in the nose, inflammation (swelling) of the inner partnose, and, worst of all, getting mucus in the maxillary, frontal sinuses or inner auditory canal. This can lead to inflammation of the sinuses, blocking air passages to them with all the negative consequences of otitis media to the inner ear. I had a few cases where it was necessary to teach children correct vysmarkivat.

One 12year old boy had a deviated septum and continually delayed mucus in the nose. In addition, it is strongly pinched nose and forcefully tried to free the nose of mucus (which he can not do that because this was a severe swelling of the nasal cavity, which further degrades the permeability of the nasal passage), his parents had not yet learnedand carry handkerchiefs or napkins ... were also clogged with mucus maxillary sinuses and maxillary available plug in the aisles. I had to teach him properly vysmarkivat and carry a handkerchief. Also massages with other procedures (described in this article). On day 10 while having a swim in the sea with scuba diving to depths of up to 1.5 meters,he left maxillary plugs (the method of cleaning the sinus pressure changes will write below). Over the next 6 days (until the end of the shift) is completely removed from the slime of the frontal and maxillary cavities, their swelling (inflammation) have been eliminated. When the child was transferred to parents, it was a final slight swelling of the inner part of the nasal septum.

Second Man (also 12 years with a deviated septum) parents are treated by a physician and other vasoconstrictor drugs, although it did not help to release the mucus from the nose, remove the reasons for the detention of mucus and get rid of the problem. Upon arrival at the camp, I took him all the drugs and began to carry out the proceduresarticle. For 15 days, improved patency of the nasal passage, he learned to be purged and dive up to 4 meters deep. The reason for his "illness" has been clarified - it is necessary to treat a deviated septum, but not its consequences, which in the future may lead to the development of sinusitis and other illnesses.

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