Anguilla is a small island country, which spread in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Officially, the the country is under British protectorate. Head of State is Queen of England. AnguillaOfficial language is English. Shores of the island abound with beautiful corals, and the surface is covered with green bushes. The highest point of the resort is the rock Crocus Hill, which rises above the northern coast. The height of the top is 65 meters. The population of the country is about 14,000 people, about 1,5 thousand of which live in The Valley city - the capital of Anguilla.

AnguillaEven before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the land  of Anguilla was inhabited by Arawaks Indians. After the arrival of the Spaniards in these places, all the local people were killed or sent to the reservation. At that time Spain possessed many colonies which were much richer, so they were not very interested in Anguilla and in 1650 the island was captured by Britain. After that, cotton and tobacco plantations began to appear on the territory of the country. AnguillaA bit later here also began to grown sugar cane. From Africa were brought many slaves, who from day to day working under the rays of the scorching sun. Then, it became clear that the local soil is devoid of fertility. Therefore, in 1834 the production of sugar cane has been terminated and the local slaves were freed, and then they formed a large part of the island's population. Since that time Anguilla is a over seas possession of Great Britain, however, it has self-government.

Now, positioning poor natural resources, the country develops only due to tourism. AnguillaAzure waters of the Caribbean Sea, sandy beaches and bright sun attract to this place armies of tourists from all over the world. On the shores of Anguilla in abundance you can see the friendliness of local residents, varied cuisine, ideal conditions for diving, picturesque corals, mysterious caves, and a wide range of comfortable hotels.

AnguillaDespite the lack of significant architectural and historical landmarks, Anguilla has a number of advantages, the main one of which is considered beach vacation. The resort area has more than 30 beautiful sandy beaches and luxury hotels, with fantastic views to the sea. At a cost, vacation in these wonderful places can be compared with the rest on the Cote d'Azur. AnguillaThe minimum cost of living in the cheapest hotel of Anguilla will be about $ 90 a day. Canoes, scooters and boats rental, depending on time period, costs around $ 100. Meals here is also expensive. Lunch of banal seafood in the usual cafe, will cost at least $ 50. Tips are included here in the cost of service almost anywhere. So, paying for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, you don't need additionally thanking the waiter.

AnguillaOne of the peculiarities of the resort is a mandatory vaccination against yellow fever. Also here are widespread: tetanus, malaria, and all kinds of stomach infections. Also here you should not drink water from the tap, although it is declared as a drinking.

On the territory of Anguilla smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted in designated areas.

Residents of the island are very sociable and friendly. Here greeting, even with a stranger. At the resort a great importance is attached to clothing. Here is highly undesirable to appear in beach clothes outside the resort area. Topless is not allowed here at all.

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