A variety of rotary instruments in dentistry

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The modern man with all his openness and level of development as-it depends very much on his own created prejudices. One of them can be considered replicated at all levels of Hollywood smile - white, sparkling in the sun and perfectly flat. Unfortunately, most people in the world can not boast of such, as we constantly pursue various diseases of the teeth, the negativeon the impact on the form and aesthetic teeth. The most innocuous (at first glance), and a common one is tooth decay, which is almost everyone, and not in a single case. Once the problem occurs, it means that there is a need to solve it than actually engaged in this branch of medicine as dentistry. This volume andamodostatochnaya industry deserves understanding, learning and respect, not least because, as it is demanded in the society. Details of dentistry with all parties, starting with anatomy and ending with technical (equipment, tools, etc.), can be found at online dental directory - rsdent.ru.

Hthen such a rotary tool and how it is used?

Dentistry - a rather specific and technically complex industry, not least because that field action dentist (oral cavity) is rather limited in terms of access and manipulation. This leads to the need to apply specificMedical sky tool to facilitate access to and work in such difficult conditions. The list of instruments is quite broad, however, modern dentistry can not be imagined without elections. This tool, which is used for the preparation and processing of tooth cavities. It is perhaps a symbol of dentistryAnd its sound inspires fear in everyone entering the room. Fear - is, of course, with psychology and get rid of it in a dental office can be partly using painkillers (as part of the fear of boron is not only sound, but followed by a pain, especially in the immediate vicinity of nervousx endings). But as they say, the end justifies the means, and in this case - it's just a necessity.

Bora, along with mills, wheels, abrasives, polishing, belong to the category of rotary tool (the tool, the effect of the impact of which occurs due to the rotation of its working parts). This category Tools is used for high-speed machining of hard (sometimes soft) tissues of the mouth. Besides the above-mentioned preparation of tissues (developing holes and cavities), the rotary tool is used to form the size and topography of the processed surfaces. Speaking of the segment, Punctuated application, then, for example, drills are used for tunneling the development of cavities, milling and wheels - for processing and cutting planes, abrasives - pre or roughing finished structure, and polishers - fit for its finish.

Any rotary tool consists of two partss:

  1. shank with which the fixation tool tip;
  2. the working part, which has a characteristic shape for the implementation of certain operations.

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