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Metal-market dental services takes perhaps the leading position, andThis is despite the fact that in our modern world for a long time, there are other materials that are used successfully in prosthetics. What caused such popularity? Primarily this is due, of course, the fact that the material on its external data is very similar to natural teeth, the second point can be identified over the strength of the metalokeramiki, it is able to withstand very high loads. Well, relatively inexpensive price and durability make this material even more desirable in the use of prosthetics.

Types of materials for prosthetic

The service use cermet is not edinstvennaya that offer to our attention dentistry.   When the mother's choice, we tend to start from the desire to pick the closest of the external characteristics of the material. Unfortunately it is often the high aesthetic characteristics indicate that the women who did not sufficiently durable. Such materials are used,if you want to perform a prosthetic anterior teeth, chewing is better to take a more durable components. It should be noted that modern dentistry offers and other material for prosthetics:

• Dentures with ceramic draws primarily remarkable Esteoptical properties, but unfortunately having increased fragility of this brand The material is not suitable for large prosthetic crowns.

• Use of the cermet by using the metal rod inside it possible to strengthen the structure, and it does not disturb the aesthetic appearance.

• Used prosthetic composite material combines a lot of different components that are beginning to harden when exposed to direct ultraviolet rays. The only disadvantage of this prosthesis can call it the ability to absorb food dyes.

• Prosthetics using plastic is probably the most popular due to its cheapness, but the plastic is usually cleared quickly and after a couple of years, you again have to order an artificial tooth.

When is a cermet

Metal-often offers smallagaetsya as denture in many dental clinics. The main indications for it can be called:

• Cavities struck a tooth so strong that during the treatment of the tooth had to remove most of it. &Nbsp; In this case, is recommended to install a dental crown

• If the patient, there is increased abrasion of the upper layer, Dentima, the use of crowns will help maintain the basic fabric of the tooth.

• As a result of the injury, there was a split tooth to restore it necessary to use the crown.

And other diseases related to improper development of the teeth.

etc. Chervonozorianyi, 4-D, our experts will help you regain the lost happy smile!

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