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Today, when the world is ruled by digital technologies and the Internet and his gadgets havetsya in almost every home, no surprise, for example, a two-year toddler who   zapravski uses the technique to your advantage. Moreover, the use is clearly aware of what he is doing, with intelligence and a sense of what he wants to achieve. This kind of double-edged sword, because on one hand such behavior is clearly talking about more than a hundred highthe mouths of the level of development of society as a whole, which certainly is not true of our generation, and especially our parents. But there is such behavior and the reverse side of the coin - hobby computer at an early age leads to the fact that the brain receives information in the form of ready-made images, cartoons, etc., and therefore is not stimulated its development.

Remember, as parents as a child constantly focused our attention on the need for reading books. In most cases, it was argued, and educational use expressions such as "if you do not read and learn, you have to work with your hands, not the head." It's hard to argue with, but it is not the only prichins that at the present stage of human history all also pay constant attention to reading books. More interesting reading material.

The obvious reason

If we are talking about some process, as such, which is beneficial, then behind it is quite objective reasons. In casese with Read m, there are no visible reasons and grounds abound. More often than not in the list of obvious beneficial aspects of reading can be identified:

  1. Development of imagination. Imagine a situation when the conditions are such that the information for the task is not enough. Then the body prihoditsI connect the internal reserves while training them. The situation with the Read m, the same pattern emerges: you have the text without pictures, and in the course of reading the brain itself begins to draw in the imagination of what is happening. This is how the brain is trained.
  2. The development of logical thinking and memory.This is a continuation of the previous thesis, because we are not only visually present a picture of what is happening, but along the way trying to make sense of it and put in the memory.
  3. Vocabulary. It is no secret that the usual social circle has its own specific vocabulary - the minimum required for a comfortable communicating. But the Read a different genre of literature greatly expands this stock, enriching new, not previously used terms.
  4. The development of speech, sociability, confidence. Regular Read (especially when it comes to reading aloud) a beneficial effect on diction.
  5. Reduced stress and improved sleep. These problems in the world today is almost commonplace, so such a simple tool such as Read before bed can very suddenly have a positive outcome and dynamics.
  6. Postponing retirement. Regular Read helps to keep your brain in good shape and is a very effective method of preventing diseases of the brain and the general aging of the body.


Read is useful and it is obvious, however, not all the literature isequally useful. To obtain the expected effect, it is necessary to focus on quality literature, abandoning the Read tabloids and cheap detectives only clog the brain.

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