Design and operation of screw compressors


The man, thanks to his special constitution and structure of the psyche Mr.ahoditsya in a constant and continuous process of development. The higher the level, the more a person knows and can do, and the more difficult tasks that it sets itself. Of course, solve problems only by his physical force can only be the time, and then have to either stop myself iznemozhdat, or create the conditions in which vehicless will to carry out your work. Today, it happens all the time because of the problem facing humanity, and what the industry does not take the brink of being - really massive. One of the most common and popular groups of machines are those that use the energy of compressed air, or simply put - compressors.

What toompressor?

The compressor is called the class of power machines, in which there is an increase in pressure of the gaseous medium (air, industrial gases, etc.) due to compression and subsequent movement in the flow pipe. All the compressors on the market can be divided into two groups: three-dimensional (Compression occurs by changing the volume of the chamber) and dynamic (centrifugal or axial machines in which the working process is due to the interaction of the gas with the rotating rotor blades). One of the most effective and reliable is considered a kind of positive displacement compressors as screw compressor, and it will be discussed further.

Whata screw compressor?

As the name implies, is logical to assume that the main working element of the unit is a screw shaft, or rather two shafts. In the working chamber of the compressor contains a pair of screw cone-shaped rotors. From the viewpoint of waveneering rotors are worm pair in which one of the screws is the master and the other - the slave. Furthermore, one of the screws is convex and the other, opposite, concave. Also especially engaging screws is that they rotate in different directions, gradually compressing a gaseous medium within the chamber and by pushingI have it to the outlet nozzle. Once there is engagement, and therefore naturally present friction which results in wear surfaces screws. To eliminate it, the working chamber of the compressor is constantly supplied oil which cools and lubricates the screws and seals the gap exists. Purification and separation of the air-oilmixture takes place in the separator, after which the purified air is further required pressure is applied, and the oil is to lubricate the bearings.

The structural components of the screw compressor

In addition to the above-mentioned screw block in the screw compressorsincludes the following components:

  • the intake air filter;
  • the inlet valve regulating;
  • belt drive for lowering the rpm when the motor;
  • oil filter;
  • separator;
  • Control thermostat;
  • oil and air coolers;
  • safety valve;
  • fan;
  • pressure switches, etc.

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