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The residents of our country in 24 years of independence is well able to understand the differencebetween the past and the bright future that never comes. We are, as it were between two fires, on the one hand Russia with its imperial manners apparent and nowhere devshimsya soviet mentality, on the other hand - well-off, well-groomed and well-off countries of the European Union, in which all are equal, and that achieve a level of desire. Given nKey Recent Events extreme passions in relations with our eastern neighbor, the government promoted a policy of rapprochement with the EU is obvious. Of course, we in the European Union is unlikely that anyone will take in the next few years, maybe a decade (Turkey in line, for example, has been waiting for over half a century), and the prospect of the abolition of visas in the light PtsShade is very dynamic reform ghost. And if we add to this obvious unwillingness to comply with the European economy regulations and standards, our light path becomes too long and uncertain. But what if the desire of individuals to join the Europeans have today? What to do? Can I become a citizen of the European Union and winbe?

Can I legally obtain citizenship of the European Union?

Living in a country where corruption - it's only normal thing, the question of whether to "poreshat" European passport is not necessary in principle. If desired, and the presence of a certain amount of "green" people who do everything, there are no problems. Otherie the matter is that the way this very doubtful and certainly illegal, for which it is possible to put behind bars. You can certainly act at random, and suddenly a ride, but in fact there are at least a dozen completely legal mechanisms for obtaining this coveted citizenship of one of the EU countries. Further detail about them.

Check to relocate

This is one of the simplest and proven options, however stretched it may be several years, and at the slightest misstep melt away like smoke in the wind. The most important thing for a designated procedure of years (usually at least 5 , although there are more than 10, for example, in Austria or France) to comply with the exclusive law-abidingBecause even travel on a yellow traffic signal can shut the door behind you on the other side.

The national roots

Become a citizen of the EU can also be proved that one of your ancestors was a citizen of the country. This practice is widely used in the EU countries that supported the GenevaConvention.


Get the passport of one of the EU countries can be legally and quickly, making its economy, solid investment fees. This approach is widely used in neighboring Austria and Bulgaria.

Citizenship by place of birth

This principle applies to those toit was born in the territory of the European Union.


Count, though not immediately, to a nationality can be when to get married to a citizen of the EU.

Creating a Business

Some countries are loyal to the granting of national citizenshipentities which opened on its territory the business.

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