How to fix a flat foot?

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Massage and exercises for the foot does not interfere, even if the flat is not confirmed. Esland heel protrudes slightly - this is evidence of propensity to flat feet, and certain changes in the correct position of the foot.

What do you think prevents men to serve in the army, while women choose high heels for evening dress?

That's right: flat - or rather, foot deformity, kotoRui corrected in childhood. It would seem, what problems of flat feet? It turns out that's a minor physiological disorder can cause "scoliosis, mikrosotryaseniya brain, headaches and arthritis in a more adult. Finally get rid of the disease is almost not possible, however, even a slight preventive work gives OJJJUtiM result and ensures the legs, so to speak, a full life!

Pink cheeks, but no heels ...

Changes in the feet occur in three areas: reduced lateral and longitudinal growth. It happens, and the heel is rejected. Basically, it all goes. Up to five years of diagnosis of flat-mailsimpossible. The child is at the foot fat pad, so almost all the kids seem flat foot. The main treatment of flatfoot should be done from 10 to 17 years - just when muscles are strengthened.

And after 10 - 12 years to diagnose this pathology is not difficult. Podiatrists find it even color soles. Normally, the internalthe edge should be light. If it is dark pink - this means that the entire department loaded foot. And ideally the load was falling only on the outer edge, and a heel portion of the first finger. The inner edge should be lifted as Spring.

From illness to escape steady heel!

Actually, treatmentflatfoot be to strengthen the recovery of the foot with the help of physical therapy and massage. Even for the youngest children can choose the appropriate exercises. So, my mother holds a fingernail along the inner edge of the foot - the leg in a child inadvertently bent, she wants something to pick up fingers. When a child begins to walk, preferably inplaypen pour pebbles. Walking on a rough surface irritates the nerve endings in the foot, it is configured correctly.

When the heel act ...

And you can help your child to ten or five years? Indeed, sometimes breaking the mold of the foot are obvious.

Flat feet can be diagnosed and mountainsazdo before! The first year of life in the fat pad of the foot does not allow a good look at everything. And when the child begins to walk, there is one method! It is necessary to put the baby to her back and hold a straight line from the knee to the heel. If the heel protrudes slightly - this is evidence of propensity to flat feet and objectifiedJelenia changes in the foot. Even if the diagnosis is not confirmed - designed orthopedic exercises and physiotherapy are not redundant, but it just will contribute to the proper formation.

If the diagnosis « flat » confirmed orthopedists also offer to combine massage and wraps ozokerite (original meploe warming, because steaming children is prohibited). Previously, doctors recommended paraffin wraps, but now for the restoration of bone tissue and muscles recommend just such a natural mineral as mineral wax.

Gymnastics and massage: 0 to 99

In general, all the exercises and can be delats home with their parents, says child therapist. And it is necessary to perform the exercises every day! The problem lies precisely in the fact that it is primarily grown bored. Therefore, if there is no opportunity to engage with the child at least two - three times a year, for a course about their children's physical therapy and massage. This is especially useful for children up to two years, as they are eshte do not realize the importance of the doctor prescribed exercise and physical activity are engaged reluctantly.

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