How to choose a reliable translation company


According to research in the field of services started perevodnicheskihback in 2006, we can say that choosing a reliable agency transfer is a very easy, despite the huge number of proposals (in Moscow alone has more than 2.5 yew companies).

When choosing a company, such a criterion, the cost of the transfer is not working just yet. In the course of researchtion for the average cost of translation revealed that variation in prices reaching 700% (surveyed about 100 Office Translation ). We considered only those Office , who have real-world projects, office and historyof more than 1 year. An example of this can serve as an agency.

What do I need to pay attention to ordering translation services:

  1. The actual physical presence of the agency. Availability of office, corporate e-mail, phone, which are mandatory attributes of any translation Office . It is also an excellent criterion for the selection is the information on the current account of the company, although this information is rarely published.
  2. Investments in advertising and marketing. These costs are mandatory for any agency transfer . That is why, if you do not seeand a good Web site, "beautiful word" advertisements — it means that you have found a "hard core" of conservatives or newcomers.
  3. Examples transfer . Any perevodnicheskoe Office , which operates in the market of these services for a long time (from 3years), has additional projects (newspapers and magazines, news, blogs, mailing lists, help in the study of languages, and so on. d.) - you need to look for mention of these projects on the site Office . Look for examples of transfer , which were made by the agency you are interested,If not, take a look version of the site Office transfer in foreign languages ??(if the course they are available), or else ask for a ready-made examples transfer of your e-mail (most managers doThis 10 min.).
  4. Private treatment. Initially it cost to call to Office transfer , rather than sending them immediately an email with your order . We need to ask the manager about the possibilities of the Office , their experiencein the subject field of the text you want.
  5. Many agencies transfer are composed in different associations, unions and participated in different conferences. In reality, this is often trumpeted wherever possible and written in large letters on the home page of the corporate website, in addition to the certification of service quality (not the translation itself). This, incidentally, is also a great sign.
  6. Ratings and reliable lists Office . There are many options list of trusted perevodnicheskih Office , both on the part of other Office , thatto and from customers and freelance translators. The cost of this project is not zero, but the credibility of such ratings will be adjusted your personal feelings. I trust such ratings may be somewhere in the 50%.
  7. Recommendation. You can ask your friends and colleagues, maybe someone of them have already turned to kakoe-perevodnicheskoe the Office and can recommend it to you. This is probably the best way to choose a reliable agency perevodnicheskoe.

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