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an unwritten rule that a person should be on a daily basis, help to maintain society of orderOK. The culture can be considered a sort of taboo system that forms the moral pillars of preserving peace in the state of equilibrium. From childhood we are told that you can not beat the other, snitch, blab secrets of others. So we formed a set of moral principles, with age is complemented by new items and more complex formulations. Later weacquainted with the concept of « professional ethics » our morals and complement norms dictated by kind of activity that we have chosen.

Interpreters daily cooperate with other people, including colleagues and customers. They must be able to communicate and behave appropriately. Brought up to titlesIt is human, to respect others as well as himself. The translator is necessary to accurately convey the meaning of the words spoken / written by clients, without softening them and without distorting the original information. For professional not allowed to interfere in the customer relationship, and on the other hand, openly express their own opinions regarding the translated material. Heobliged to remain impartial. A special place is given to the ethics of oral communication.

In order to implement high-quality translation is paramount Wellness artist, which should not come to work if sick. It is important to set yourself up for a productive work. A bad mood caused by lichgovernmental circumstances should not affect performance. Translator in any case has no right to make fun features of speech speaker. Professionals working with written texts, is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the translation. Everyone is susceptible to emotion, has its point of view on this or that occasion. But the real prosssional able to distinguish between work and private.

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