How to choose the right English course?


Once you have decided on the methodology and learning objectives, you can immediately start looking for a suitable languageschool. Having picked up a couple of options, you will need to ask whether these schools offer a free trial lesson. Remember that a trial lesson - a lesson that is carried out in a group of people who are already trained in the language school. But an open lesson conducted only for beginners. It is better to choose the 1st option, as it will give you the opportunity to DostovERNO ways to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning. By the way, if you are a resident of Kiev, then we can advise you to learn.

How to be a teacher?

  • specialized higher education . It is mandatory to ask potential lectureravateley show you a document about their graduation from the university in the specialty "teacher of English." This is important because many language schools offer their services to students of teachers who have not finished college. Avoid such courses;
  • own methodcal development . A good teacher allocates a lot of time to research activities. A good teacher often wrote a couple of books or manuals to learn English;
  • The variety of teaching methods . Be sure to ask what textbooks atchange your future teacher. A competent teacher uses books written by foreign authors. Very Plose when training will be one-sided: a wise teacher tries to use a variety of techniques and can correctly now connects modern approach to classical;
  • Experience . Find out how many years a teacher has worked in your chosen language school and what he did before. So, for example, the parallel operation in a good university is a huge plus that in turn, speaks about the professional experience of the teacher;
  • The correct presentation of the material . After attending a free lesson, you can immediately understand the score for the teacher or not. You also need to pay attention to what the teacher razyasnyaet rule is working on errors - it is important that all this was done correctly but, at the same time, clear and simple as possible;
  • Good attitude to the disciples . Be aware that only a favorable atmosphere will provide an opportunity to conduct effective group work. A wise teacher will give you the opportunity in the new team feel as free.

How students should be in the group?

The optimum number of people present in the classroom is considered 4 - 8 people. In a small group, you will be able to develop good verbal skills. In addition, many students say that they have an extra motivation because they want to achieve RESULTAtov faster for others.

In the event that you want to pass an international exam, you should choose a mini-groups of up to 4 people. In this case, the teacher will be able to devote sufficient time to each student.

How to avoid mistakes when selecting a language school?

  • 1of th sign of bad language school is the lack of its state registration;
  • Also, you should be careful when signing pridelnyh contract. Find out whether you have the ability to get their money back, if you suddenly have to stop training if this is not possible - do not choose Dunnth school;
  • If you chat with your friends and find out that they have never heard of this language school as well as on the Internet will not be any information, then do not risk it: select the best-known school that there are at least a couple of years;
  • The teacher does not etc.edlagaet you to check your current level of knowledge. Initially, the teacher should find out what you know and what you need to pull up. It is unacceptable the fact, when the first group of trained students with vastly different levels of English. In the future this may lead to misunderstandings and problems;
  • the fraudulent-diffraction courses will make you pay for the entire period of study at once. Remember: good schools offer monthly or even weekly wages, so if you do not like it, you can leave these courses without losing money;
  • If you have decided to study at a language school for a long time, find out in advance, not pomenyaetsya Do you have a teacher next semester. Be aware that the entire course of study must lead the same teacher. After all, could well be a situation that when a qualified teacher you come to class illiterate people, who do not even have a diploma.


Find a good English courses very simple. The most important thing - to believe only time-tested advice and be as careful about signing a contract. We wish you success!

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