Where can I buy a fashionable women's shoes?

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To the great delight of many women in the Russian shops you can see almost all of the samples of women's shoes, toThoraya applies to fashion trends. If we speak the truth, a lot of them are made mostly by Turkish craftsmen. This fact, of course, casts doubt on their quality, but a positive effect on price - the average women's shoes can be purchased from 250 (the cost rasprodazhnyh shoes last season) to 3000 publey for fashion boots. For lovers of the latter should be aware of the sale of houses in the clothes, which can be purchased about a hundred overpriced boots - both winter and completely actual spring-autumn. The choice is large and for all tastes - here you and high boots, bright and lacquered boots and lace and embroidery - in short, all the fancy Tendentsii in the same department, where you can become the owner of the average for 1000-1500 rubles. Especially young girls like it here - if for complete happiness is not enough, for example, lacquer red disco boots with golden hearts - one thousand rubles, they are yours!

Fashion Model

Among other interesting models -denim shoes with embroidery. For example, blue jeans sold shoes at low heels transparent for 2000 rubles and gray denim boots for 3000 rubles. Also on the shelves of shoe stores a lot of colorful shoes with a variety of finishes, with a rounded or square toes, which can be purchased for an average of 1,500 rubles.
However, these prices will delight anyone who comes to the choice of shoes without excessive ambitions and fanaticism. Otherwise, should go to one of the expensive boutiques, which appeared in every town a lot.

Men's Shoes

But the men I have to disappoint - signs of fashionable shoes this season is not observed.As in the past year (and the year before), the owners of shoe stores offer men wearing classic or approximate to the classical model of mostly black and brown, and the average value of which is 2000-2500 rubles more expensive models are 5000-6000 rubles and above.

Internet shops

If you are interested in shoes of a higher quality, then of course the price will be much different from the one that said higher. We are talking about fashion stores that are trending, and where you can. Of course, it is better buy shoes there, because your feet will make your system feel great in it. Today, buy one of thebuv possible and in online stores. Many people believe that where you can buy women's shoes are very expensive, but I tell you a secret - it's not. In fact, the Internet can be cheaper to buy than in the trendy stores. By the way, you will be served is also excellent, even online, because consultants work hard and to the Internet. In addition, you can ata lot to save time, because you do not need to spend it on the road. A delivery service to deliver the product you straight home.

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