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Game slot machines istsya second popularity rating group games. Of course, they are in demand, because when you play these games, you can win a huge amount of movement of money: because here there and moving large jackpots. You need to collect this particular combination and win the amount that has a lot of zeros. Besides that,you will become famous and in the casino. To play in this kind of casino you can not spend your time on the road, select a convenient place at home or at work at any time for you. Then you will discover a lot of games!

The history of slot machines

The first slot machine was created in AmeCharles FEMA Rica in 1884 and began to call him « the Liberty Bell & raquo ;. This is a slot a machine that had three wheels, which could rotate at different speeds. To win it was necessary to collect only successful combination. This combination is the image on the drum which revolveThat is better than a combination, the greater the amount won.

In 1963, the world saw the power slot the machine by which such gaming machines have become very popular. Please slot using video machines in 1976 in the city of Las Vegas. It is also important that these first slot machines , which have bonus games have appeared recently – in 1996.

For the first time slot slot s allowed to win the   a small amount. But over time slot s become so entertaining that it became incredibly popular among the visitors gambling. As a consequence of slot s began to gain steadilyplace in the gambling business. Manufacturers have tried to create a variety of games, the new design, sound effects.

This kind of machines are the most popular form of casino games. After a while, most gambling became more popular on the Internet,and then the players around the world have had the opportunity, how to play online at home. The principle of the game is very similar to the traditional: a rotation of the virtual drums with the image of a repeating pattern on them. This is the slot s machines onlinebecause they provide a great opportunity it is in terms of graphics and a variety of bonus games.

Today, this type of machines are divided into 2 groups considerable:

  1. Mechanical slot s – or «-armede gangsters & raquo ;. They usually have three reels one to five lines of the game.
  2. Video slot s are unique game slot machines that contain in the screen itself. The game is in this kind of slot machines is characterized by the fact that they present a great diversity, because it consists of five reels and up to fifty lines on which the game takes place.

So, I wish you luck in the game, and remember that he who does not risk, that he did not have. Do not be afraidlosing money and fear that you will not try to win them. Good luck in the game, and confidence.

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