What types of roofs?

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The roof - a part of the architectural design of the building, which performs waterproofing and insulating function. The structure of the roof is sometimes Inc.yuchayut some items. More information about them can be read below. Rafter roof system begins to form inclined planes, which are often referred slopes - from this came the name and sex of the pitched roof. As for the top of the working part of the roof, it is specifically designed to protect the building from various externalx climatic factors, as well as the effects of the atmosphere. Actually, the roof - this is a roofing itself.

Among the many types of roofs mostly are recovered:

  • Pent;
  • Gable;
  • Hip;
  • hipped;
  • Shpileobraznaya and many othersOn the other.

Today we look at some of these in more detail which can be found on the website.

Pent roof

The most economical device roof pent roof is isolated. Such a roof is a simple design: rafters canbased on the load-bearing walls of varying heights, thus forming a single slope for a specific angle. The greater the angle, the less pressure is the force of rainfall. This type of roof is not often used in construction such as residential homes, but much more frequently - for technical and outbuildings, garages or storage areas.

dualSingle roof

Gable roof there is a very popular among the other types of roofing. It is a classic form of the roof, which is suitable to the design of nearly every home. This can form the roof rafters, which are based on the load-bearing walls, as well as converge up to the ridge. The pediment gable roof istriangular shape. The slopes of each of the rays, of course, that they have a different angle.

Hip roof

Abroad, the most popular form of roof is a hipped roof. This roof is symmetrical, and it consists of 4 ravnoramenovyh triangular rays that have the opportunity, like going to theone central point. As gables and horse, they are absent. Hip roof structure is more complex than the gable roof, because it has a direct diagonal leg, on which the main burden falls.

hipped roof

It is a popular form of hipped roof. It in turn consists of four ramps: two of these are rays that are triangular in shape and 2 have a trapezoid shape. At the top, right on the junction of the trapezius is skate ramps. Gambrel roof is good for use in the developments, which are located in areas where frequent strong winds.When does the construction of such a roof, then use other materials for the roof, and the execution of roofing works accompanied by a large amount of waste.

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