The evolution of women's dresses

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In analyzing the differences between living species on the planet,You can still find a lot in common. But only one of them is completely different from all the rest of their way of life and this kind - people. You can find a lot of examples of how we differ from our smaller brethren in the long list of unique fall wear. Without it, imagine the modern (and not only contemporary) is askedsomething unreal. It happened not only because human society is limited in its actions against its own ethical standards, but also because of purely physiologically adapted to endure the weather conditions around him. With the nature of the good development of creative abilities, a person well, just could not turnbe your casual clothes into a work of art. Thus originated and evolved fashion, which often times change and people's perceptions of life. But it can not be said that the time had no effect on fashion, because almost every new period, a new historical era in the life of mankind was accompanied by the new (or, as it is fashionable to say,well forgotten old) ideas and trends in the cut of the garment. It can easily be seen by analyzing the history of the women's dresses - one of the most used types of outerwear.

What is the dress?

At this point in our history, including the history of fashion, dress almost certainly been associatedI am a female, although historically existed and male versions of the garment. In just a few thousand years of the history of dress often mutates in favor of some Live global trends and tastes, but such a variety of shapes and forms that are now available to women probably never been before. Because this is not superfluous to bomore detail to acquaint readers with some of the most popular and well-known style of women.

Cocktail dress

This is a short (usually knee-length) dress that used to visit occasions (corporate events, parties, celebrations). Most often dresses likestyle has no elements such as a collar or sleeve. The materials used for such dresses silk, chiffon, velvet, or satin. As for color choices, then dominated by monochromatic gamma, for example, black, red, etc.

Midi Dress

The most common style of dress, ASIClzuemy in everyday and professional everyday life. It has a comfortable, feminine tailoring. For its production are used in a variety of materials at least different colors. Length - just above the knees.

Mini Dress

It is a whole group of different style of dress, which are united by their length is somewhere on the levelie mid-thigh.

Dress Case

As the name suggests, you can determine that the style of dress gently repeats the outlines of the body, he sits firmly and precisely emphasizes the chest and waist. Often it has an open top. The length varies in different variations at the level of the knees.

The dress with the smell

In fact, such a name does not mean that the dress is characterized by some special smell. The whole point is that it is on a cut, as it were smelled in the same direction. This results in another distinctive feature of this dress - V-shaped neckline.

The dress with a high waist

One of the most common today for professional dresses and festive dress code, which has a high waistline by location.


One of the easiest and most popular summer dresses, different cut free, open-top straps.

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