The use and types of compressors


The air - is the foundation of the earth's atmosphere, transparent gaseous substance that surrounds us everywhere. It is a vital component to any of the planet's living organisms, whether animal, plant or human. But if the first is air exclusively on its primary and main purpose, the man behind many thousands of years of meaningful stories learned to use it as an assistant in his home or ProfessionaFlax activity. In this case, we will talk about today is widely used device for supplying air compressor.

What is a compressor?

The compressor is called the energy machine, which is used to supply air by changing its size (compression) and increase the pressure. One ofKey Performance any degree of compressor is compressing air. The energy of the compressed air is used today everywhere: in pneumatic tools, medicine industry, automobiles, etc.

Type compressor

SpecificationsCompressor (compression, pressure, power and efficiency) is directly dependent on its constructional features and operation principle. That is why, in practice, implemented several schemes for energy conversion air, and with them, and a few basic types used by compressor : reciprocating, rotary-screw, rotary vane, diaphragm and others.

Piston compressors

One of the first developed and introduced into mass production type compressor machines. Moreover, today - this is one of the richest of the type series and to use common types of compressor . His work is almost completely repeats the internal combustion engine. There is also a compression chamber, the air which is compressed by the reciprocating motion of the piston, which in turn is driven by the rotation of the crankshaft. They vary in number of cylinders and their locations.

Rotary screw compressors

This is the so-called volumetric compressor action. In contrast to the previous type, the working chamber of the piston compressor is not located, and the two in different directions rotating screw rotor. Given that structurally this type of equipment does not contain a group of cellsNapa is to maximize turnover, and thus increase the power and pressure while maintaining the dimensions of the machine.

Rotary vane compressors

This is one of the most productive, reliable and durable machines of this action. Work compressor of this type is similar to the operation of vane pumps: pumping and increasing the air pressure in the chamber takes place with an eccentric rotor with moving plates. This approach allows for low speeds to achieve a power of 70 kW and the pressure of a few tens of bars.

Diaphragm compressors

This is a new type of equipment, whose work in a mug similar to the operation of the piston compressor . Unlike the latter, the role of the piston is performing the membrane to withstand huge number of cycles of oscillation. In fact, due to the oscillation of the membrane and the injection of air takes place in such acompressor.

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