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The rhythm of modern life and each of its ordinary members has increased substantially over the past one and a halfbut decades. This has led to the fact that during the day, we have to solve a lot of problems are not solved with simple, but with a certain degree of efficiency in advance. Adds fuel to the fire is the fact that quite often the point of interest are located in different places, sometimes quite distant from each other. That in such circumstances to do everything, You must use the services of personal transport. Why we are talking about a private car and not on municipal transport modes? Yes, because it has some significant advantages:

  1. First, it is much more comfortable mode of transport;
  2. Second, it is much more maneuverable and fast, because not tied toa particular route and time of movement.

But as a personal car, his technically sound, and hence the safety of you and others of road completely fall on your shoulders. Serviceability of all vehicle systems to ensure its adequate behavior and handling on the roada variety of conditions and it is very clearly seen on the example of car tires.

What is the role of tires?

If we consider the car as an integrated complex system, the role of tires in it boils down to the following points:

  • ensuring a firm grip with the road;
  • perception andthe weight distribution of the car with the cargo, including passengers;
  • the perception of torque and providing the ability to move the car.

It is obvious that the current requirements in terms of road safety, tires should have the appropriate structure andsurface, in order to ensure safe behavior of the car on the road surface of various qualities. It is also apparent that the conditions on the road can be quite different from dry asphalt to puddles and snow to sleet. This versatile tire, which would provide equally good traction with different roadway does not exist in the receivedple, and therefore need appropriate current conditions.

Seasonal tire types

Given this, the tire manufacturers are developing their different for different weather conditions. In this regard, there are three main types of tires:

  1. Summer tires . This tire, which will provideregulates the optimal traction with the road at outdoor temperatures above 7 ° C. Typically, they are made from a soft type of rubber, but the overall structure is more rigid, to provide greater durability for inherently more abrasive surface (asphalt, concrete, sand, etc.).
  2. Winter tiress . This tire, which is adapted for use at temperatures below 7 degrees. A special rubber compound ensures high flexibility even at low temperatures, causing them to ride in the warm season can seem softer than in the summer tire. They also have a higher and a specific pattern Protectora (a large number of grooves), which provides better removal of snow and handling on slippery surfaces. Additionally can be equipped with spikes for safer driving when black ice.
  3. All-season tires . This tire, which represent a compromise between the two previous types of tires. Noneless visible at first glance, the savings on the purchase of different types of tires, in fact, somewhat justified, because the use of such tires can be effective only in those regions where the temperature in the course of the year does not fall below -5 degrees.


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