The problems that are present at when choosing a fur

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Every day, the temperature becomes lower. It is this period is the mostit « screwed » for the purchase of warm fur. Everything would be in this situation was fine, if not a number of problems commonly encountered by women when buying mink coats.

When a woman dressed in a nice mink coat - it looks really great. But in order to become havingnessTsey really good and high-quality fur products need to get around the problems that arise in the shops selling fur coats. Therefore, we offer you a description of the problems faced by many women, buying himself such a thing:

  1. In the shop there is a choice! Long walk and you can not pick up anything. Normally, visiting,women long run between the mannequins, but something concrete can not afford to choose. What this may be due? Or identical goods or their primitive - it's hard to explain. It seems there are dozens of different coats, but one that "liking" - no. In such situations, there is no choice as a "stud" thresholds of all points of salefur and look for something different. As practice shows, this situation is familiar to anyone who has ever looked for new clothes fur.
  2. cheap and substandard materials. "Quality" products becomes noticeable after the first season of use fur . Survives as we can - the truth AktualUkrainian to each person. Private entrepreneurs have come up with even a series of frauds, only the sale of fur coats could discourage the price of rent, and sellers pay the cost of advertising services. Even the "best" when the store sells fur imported from China (but with a large sewn tag "Made in Italy"), treated with special chemistAtami, which make the product more beautiful fur. On the other hand, for many people is an important « import birochka & raquo ;. Therefore, sellers shops and stalls to buy from the manufacturer's winter coat about 500 hryvnia, and resold for 4000 hryvnia, but with an Italian label. Ironically, it turns out that people will want thatthem so « in import "deceived.
  3. There is often no right size: the wide, then narrow, the short, the long, but not that nice. It would seem, already a model fur have chosen and agreed on the price, but here is the problem - there is no desired size. This was the situation faced by buyers very chahundred.
  4. Weight of similar coats. If the model is really good - it wants to buy majority. As a result - a large number of women goes to dissimilar coats. One can not help the impression that around - the army with soldiers dressed in the same clothes.
  5. I do not like it! What I want is not in the store. There are tonsWhich clients that somewhere might have seen or presented a certain model of fur , and only want this. Accordingly, in the store exactly the same, they will not be able to find. Then the woman must either buy what vendors offer, or look for other alternatives.


But as they say - there is no hopeless situations. An alternative to the purchase of a mink coats sewn in the studio.

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