What is psychotherapy?

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Often I meet people's ideas about what therapy - this treatment and seek helpa psychologist, psychotherapist unsuccessful, sick people ... It is not. Psychotherapy - education of the person, taking care of her. It aims to address and residence of the situations we face, to development, to improve the quality of life, adding happiness, health success and prosperity.

Psychotherapy - a WHOpossibility:

  • Get support, understanding and adoption;
  • It is better to know themselves, their different sides and take them;
  • to find the cause of failure;
  • Understand that worried, angry, scared and takes happiness in life;
  • Release the "load" in the past;
  • suffered the loss, grief, life crisis and to continuelive on;
  • To improve relations with others (partner, parents, children, colleagues, etc.);
  • Improve health;
  • Expand its own resources, capacities;
  • Develop and grow personally;
  • Add a success in life.

The obvious question of what makes a psychologist, psychotherapistand what is its function?

The therapist does not evaluate, advises and tells us how to live, he accompanies and helps the client to find a way to itself, harmony and happiness. It helps to look at the situation from different angles, helping the client to find inner strength, resources to resolve the situation or perezhit it helps to live and let go unlived past, helps the customer to find answers to his questions. In recent years gained popularity service "," in which psychological counseling can be obtained even without getting up from the computer.

Metaphorically, the process of psychotherapy for me looks like me (psihoterapevt) to you (the client) go down a long corridor along which are various doors. We open different doors, we explore what is behind them. This corridor - as the path on which we walk, and during which I accompany you. I can offer to open certain doors, go one way or another, but the last word is yours. You are selectingete path of those options that are open, because you know better about their lives than anyone else.
Most psychologists use and training. Let's find out what it is.

What is the training?

Training - practical and effective method of learning new knowledge comes from the English "t ? train"Which means "to train, train, train"; a way of knowing ourselves and others; informal, warm and constructive communication; the desired method of teaching, better skills, and more successful patterns of behavior; Form expand its acquired experience, a way to go "beyond" the habitual perception of events;It makes it possible to absorb 90% of the information, as the basis of training - practicing. Confucius said: "Look - and you forget to look - and you will remember, do - and you will understand." Coaches often say, "Training - a game in life, during which solved real life problems".

What are the training?

  • Training of personal growth;
  • Social training;
  • Business training.

For whom?

For people of all ages, from teens and older.
Duration: from a few hours to several days.
Quantity: mostly 5 to 20 participants .

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