What is Rh incompatibility?

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Genetics and is known to be a thing whimsical and sometimes thingsthat occur can not be normal logic. Mother has a baby with incompatible blood? It seems incredible, but it happens. This condition occurs in some pregnant women. This condition occurs when the Rh factor (Rh-antigen) women and children are not compatible, i.e., when the mother is negative and positive fetus. Antigeny proteins found in (erythrocytes), the most common are A, B and O, which give the number of the respective blood groups. In addition to them no less important Rh factor, which is classified as positive or negative according to its presence.

through the placenta between mother and child bloodthe child can pass from the mother's body to the child and vice versa, and then the problem begins. When red blood cells come from the body of the fetus to the mother, it triggers an immune response by the Rh-antigen, struggling with Rh-fetal antigens, who arrived in the body. These antibodies may reach up to the child in the same way, i.e. namely of-this placenta does this mutual struggle. So basically, the mother's body considers the fetus as a foreign body is dangerous.

Is it dangerous to the health of both?

Carmen Insausti, Ph.D., a member of the Society of Hematology and hemotherapy explains that the mother has no risk, andfor a child depends on the individual case. If this is your first pregnancy, you will need time to build up antibodies, so this problem does not affect the baby, but it will appear in subsequent pregnancies. When the fruit itself is damaged, the mother's antibodies destroy the red blood cells. Destroying them, released a substance calledit bilirubin, and in accordance with the amount accumulated in the blood, the risk will be lower or higher. After birth, the baby may suffer jaundice (yellowing of the skin), and have a fairly low muscle tone. If complications were significant, high bilirubin levels during pregnancy may cause damage to brain function, affecting its development, and insevere cases may lead to death of the child.

The most effective way to avoid problems is to prevent a child.

The most common way – repeated administration of the mother injections of immunoglobulin, a substance that slows the development of antibodies when nRh positive blood hunger. Because of this substance in red blood cells of the child are not destroyed. All other post hoc procedure that is applied directly to the child, not destructive, but are less desirable.

As he explains Carmen Insausti, this problem is very rare and occurs in 1.5 to 2% Sluchayah, is a very low level of such an event the total number of cases. But he says it's not the only problem of incompatibility that may arise during pregnancy. In addition to the best-known ABO and Rh, there are many other antigens in our red blood cells, in addition « genetic loading » fetal comeed by half from the mother and half from the father, so the combinations are not always compatible.

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