What you need for a successful dating women


? This question is given by the absolute majority of the male half of humanity, from small to large. The first suchie certain questions are beginning to emerge in adolescence, during the so-called puberty. That is, at the level of physiology, instincts male body, preparing to perform essential functions of procreation, takes an interest in the second half. One way or another, but most of the guys who first felt wishess meet with a girl, overcomes obstacle subconscious, fear dating. Although in fact, if you look, people always with a certain wary of that which does not yet know whether it's dating a girl or driving a car. One may walk around it, finding a variety of reasons, which allegedly is an acquaintance abouthundred can not happen, but sooner or later the body will do breach the psychological barrier. Here is just all depends on the results of dating, the first experience so to speak, the nature and characteristics of the applicant. Here, everything is very simple: a good first experience adds confidence in future attempts and actions, regardless of temperament ylMan and nature, and on the other hand, if allowed by Kosa, it could seriously and permanently fight off such a desire, if a person is extremely shy, and the like, or simply make further attempts, if the nature of proof. For the same character traits, one communication is easy, while others are closed, without saying a word. In any case, there are pleased withbut simple guidelines that will help even the most hard-core nerds dispel the psychological barrier and get down to business:

  • need to stop thinking about possible scenarios;
  • need maximum relaxation;
  • coming frombeing necessary to take a position of strength, that is, as such, which should take place;
  • it is necessary to focus on the girl and not get hung up on yourself.

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