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Looking more closely at our modern society we must acknowledge that it has become much more open than the eit was during the Soviet era. Today, even in the absence of sufficiently liberal visa regulations with the European Union, our fellow citizens are free to go anywhere in the world, of course in the presence of the necessary documents and enough money. The range of reasons why we have to leave at a certain time our native landYu is quite broad, yet the lead in this list are three positions:

  • employment (legal and illegal);
  • studying in secondary and higher educational establishments abroad;
  • and of course, tourism.

The need for learning a foreign language

Of course, in any of these withLuciano you have to face the fact that you are in a completely different field of language, and this in turn will require you to the knowledge, if not local, but at least English. If we talk about tourism, it is likely that certain skills of English will be enough anywhere in the world, plus sign language, which has not been canceled. Buthen it comes to employment or education abroad, there could be no knowledge of the local language will not manage:

  1. First, it will help to harmoniously integrate into the employment or academic staff, which will have to remain an almost daily basis for a long time. As you know, there is nothing that does not violate the overall performance of the team as Otsuhindrance of mutual understanding;
  2. Second, the knowledge of the language is often a prerequisite for (or one of the mandatory) for reception of foreigners to work or school;
  3. In the third, knowledge of the language could spell certain preferences, such as the reduction of tuition fees and accommodation.

Why Poland?

If we talk about the geography of travel related to employment or education, there is dominated by geopolitical and cultural factors, such as geographical proximity, the size and stability of earnings, prospects, mental similarities, etc. In this regard, it is clear that the residents of Eastern Ukraine more often go to work inRussia, but for the residents of Western Ukraine this mecca of tourism and employment training is the neighboring Poland. It is no secret that the issues of employment in the western regions of the country from the moment of Independence still remain too distressed by the destruction of raw materials and production bases. Therefore, each year hundreds of thousands of our sootechestvenniCove go to work in neighboring European countries. Of course, without the knowledge of the Polish language there can not do, so you direct road to.

How to learn the language by yourself?

The need to study the Polish language may be a sudden and often have to deal with this issue myself. Anyone who is faced with a similar necessity, must know perfectly well that to learn a language in a specialized language school, under the guidance significantly easier, but it takes time and money, which is often lacking. In order to effectively cope with this task on their own, at home you need to get the following toolsE:

  • Polish tutorial or tutorial that organizes the process;
  • Audio Polish language course. This will help to learn the correct pronunciation, and will speed up the process of learning;
  • Dictionary.

Well, then everything is depends on you, your patience, perseverance, the sameLania and hard work.

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