What is the molecular cuisine?

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newfangled trend of modern cooking -, gained popularity in the world a few years ago. Born in France, it isunusual culinary art has found its followers in many countries.

out of the hands of chefs turn this high gastronomy dishes with unusual shapes, amazing colors and a unique taste. A kitchen « molecular » the chef is more like a laboratory alchemist than traditional in our understanding with SCstryulyami and pans. There are present a centrifuge, a vacuum evaporator, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and transglutaminase. Using special instruments and devices of this master gastronomy areas are ground, mixed, cooled, heated and measured temperature of the food, and their mass was filtered, foamed and pressurized, creating aakuum.

As the molecular kitchen uses only natural ingredients, such avant-garde, not only original and delicious, but also completely natural and natural. The main emphasis in molecular cuisine - bright taste and pure flavor of the dish.

A unique opportunity to tryamb russkry traditional cuisine with molecular offers visitors a lot of caf?s. Would you believe, but the kitchen is very special and interesting.

What are the molecular cuisine dishes are more popular?

Recently, many establishments such as cafes, updated menu, entering the exclusive copyrights NoviNCI molecular cuisine. In particular, only in art-cafe you can try modern transformation of the classic salad with transparent "millefeuille" or herring fillet on vegetable molecular coat, served with a « edible earth ».

Fans of meat dishes have the taste of flavored jelly youngOn cockerel on a bed of molecular horseradish or spicy carpaccio of fat under the chocolate, nuts and prunes. Also on the menu and there are first courses, such as silicon
fragrant soup on the basis of mushroom cocktail, seasoned with molecular foam or traditional Russian soup   with meat, which is filled with dill directly with the hearthTh and served with a spicy « milfeem » and cancer.

And for dessert?

sweet tooth can try the unusual desserts, for example, a sweet jelly based carrot mousse, nettles and horseradish or the original ice cream beetroot mousse.

Molecular gastronomy is characterized by not so much for rtovleniem food to satisfy their hunger and feed the people from the belly, but in order to demonstrate that the process of cooking - art. And it is not given to every man, as it were, sad as it may sound.
It's not all new items this season. You can also choose other popular dishes that will fit your taste. Do not be afraides to try new and new culinary highlights. Bon appetit!

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