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Modern society lives by quite definite economic laws that tell us that everything in this world has a hundredimost, and therefore must pay for everything. Looking at the life of the average citizen of the modern Russia, its interests and needs, we have to admit that he needs a lot of very different things. And this, in turn, tends to suggest that it's worth a king's ransom. At a time when most of the money is not always enough,the embodiment of their desires and needs, sometimes quite urgent and vital, it becomes really problematic.

In fact, in such a situation we have to do that at the level of the companies referred to attracting investment, and we know, as lending or borrowing. In practice, if there is no money, they can attract one ands three ways:

  1. to borrow from relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. This option seems acceptable from the standpoint of what percentage you can forget about. But it often happens that a deal with the likes of creditors can turn into a major headache, because the debt may require, at will.
  2. Take Dr.engi a banking institution. Everything here seems to be transparent: a contract for, receive money and to return to a period of interest. But it often turns out that for credit bank may require a pretty decent package of documents, as in the case of a large amount - and even collateral and guarantors. It seems that it is not necessary once again to focus onthat is a long process, if at all possible.
  3. to borrow money at a pawn shop. In this case, everything is based on an assessment of the value of collateral, which is left in a pawnshop. In this embodiment, it would be desirable to stop in more detail, especially on such a it is a car loan.

What is Pawnshop and how it works?

Pawnshop - a credit institution whose work is a cross between a pawnshop and a simple bank. There are also pay a deposit, which is estimated, and the estimated value is given to the borrower as loan funds. Along with this, between Pawnshop and borrower make officialFirst loan agreement, which defines the interest rate and repayment period. The main feature is the object of a pledge, in which can be either very personal vehicle of the borrower, or a technical certificate (PTC).

Title as collateral

In the case where as collateralaccepted data sheet on the car, the borrower will be able to rely on the issuance of credit amounting to 55% of the appraised value of the car. At the same time, in the classic version of the interest rate may be up to 4% per annum, and the term of crediting - from several months to two years. Naturally, you will require the original, not a copy tehpasporthat.

car as collateral

When the borrower leaves the protected site of the pawnshop its car loan portfolio could rise even before the 80 or even 90% of its value in the evaluation.


Car loans are seen a real alternative to the usual bank of claimrichine speed registration, there is no requirement of a package of documents and more loyal schemes repayment of credit obligations.

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