Rest on the Sea of ??Azov in Kirillovka


The rhythm of modern life is too high. We are constantly inud something running that is trying to solve, for all to follow. Obviously, this requires enormous effort and with time, it all adds up and results in enormous physical and moral fatigue that knocks us out of the usual rate, depressing and brings real challenges, including health. In order to prevent such scenarios,unload the body and mind, rejuvenate for further action, you must regularly rest. Of course, we are not talking about two days off every week - this is simply not enough. Every citizen of our country working age, staying at the official place of work, can count on a guaranteed annual leave is longStew of 24 days. This time is sufficient to restart the body, but it is quite obvious that it is necessary to create the appropriate conditions.

Where is best to rest?

Logically thinking, you can come to a natural conclusion that proper rest is necessary to change not onlyon habitual pastime, but also a place and circle of friends. It is foolish to hope that you can relax by taking a vacation to deal with any domestic issues - it will distract from the usual work, but does not add strength and optimism. From the perspective of the average Ukrainian, even brought up in the traditions of the Soviet Union, the perfect season to relax yavlyaetsI summer, and a perfect place - the southern coast of the Crimea and the Black Sea.

There is no doubt benefit from a seasonal residence on the coast is difficult to overestimate, especially for a child's body still weak and people suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract, but recently Crimea became inaccessible for Ukraine, even tothe part which was set up more pro-Russian. However, in such a situation, despair not worth it, because the Crimean coast - it's just part of the whole sea coast. And if you're going in, you should pay attention to the Azov coast, in particular - a small but very popular seaside climaticallyKyrylivka cue resort.

Rest in Kirillovka

Along with other larger and more well-known resort Genichesk, Berdyansk, Kirillovka has a much more favorable conditions for the rest:

  • First, it is its geographical location at the end of the peninsula. With three artOron its surrounding salt water estuaries and the Sea of ??Azov. In addition, the village itself is far from industrial centers;
  • Second, the sea here (as well as elsewhere in the Azov) is more shallow and warm, with lingering gentle slope, making it ideal for families with children;
  • In-tretih, despite the small size (population about three million) settlement has an excellent infrastructure, both for sea and for the beach and the rest of continental;
  • Fourth, a transport infrastructure that is easy connection to the mainland and the proximity of the state highways. This privodit to that run daily from the surrounding large regional centers (Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and even from Kiev). For example, the bus route "," leaves daily at 6:00 am.

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