Rest on the Azov coast


Dnepropetrovsk can rightly be considered one of the largest in Artwound, industrial, financial, scientific and sports centers. Its population does not reach nearly 1 million, but taking into account the agglomeration, which are unified industrial-economic field, this figure rose past 1.5 million. Residents of the city are in the permanent works, in order to secure a comfortable life, but it is natural It leads to the factin that accumulated fatigue and need rest. Naturally, the residents of the city as their "colleagues" in the rest of the country, prefer to spend your well-earned break somewhere on the coast under the hot summer sun. Naturally, even when the status of the financial giant, most residents can not afford to rest on Overseasurortah. but it can not serve as a reason for denying yourself and your family in a needed respite. Especially because at hand is warm and cozy Azov Sea, which in a straight line just 250-300 km, which takes only 3-4 hours by car.

The benefits of recreation on the Azov

There is no doubt in consciouslySRI average citizen of our country there is a certain stereotype that says that the ideal place to relax is the Black Sea coast of Crimea. But this option is not favorable, neither financial nor in terms of family-friendly (sea colder and deep) or, more recently, ideologically and geopolitically. Azov as egthe contrary, all these years was less publicized and it must be said at all undeserved. The climate is the same pronounced marine, saturated salts and minerals air. I think it is not necessary to replicate once again the question of how it is useful for the prevention of acute respiratory disease and promoting good health. In addition, the Azov Sea has a more teplymi and quiet waters, a long and flat bottom (in other words, it is a shallow coastal area). Based on this, it seems, do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is the ideal setting for a holiday with young children.

Where exactly rest on the Azov?

On the basis of logical reasonsthe average inhabitant of Dnepropetrovsk, to a place of rest was perfect, it must meet certain criteria:

  • , at least for private passenger, even by car should take the least time. Ideally, to be able to even go to the sea in the morning and in the evening returnhome;
  • has a wonderful natural environment and infrastructure. At the same time, it is important not only to the combination of the equipped beach area and recreation, but also the presence of rest is infrastructure, that is, various attractions and adjacent facilities;
  • Being away from actingtheir industrial facilities, ports, industries.


On the basis of this, the perfect vacation spot on the Azov is a relatively small but very popular resort village Kirillovka. It has all of the above: excellent natural conditions, environmentally safeof, excellent infrastructure and transport links. All this makes it the perfect solution for your vacation, and the route "" – popular and bankable.

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