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Everyone should have their limitedtion area of ??residence. It is in this sense is not about a city or a region, and even more limited space - individual house or apartment. Unlike municipal buildings and areas, which in principle belong to the whole society, an apartment or a house - it is private property, "fortress" of man, which he organizedt his life the way he wanted it. It is clear that house can not consist only of the four walls so the floor to the ceiling, protecting from all atmospheric and adverse events. Every house must have constructive, which would allow it to carry out natural light during the day, ventilation of premises and generally at least a visual link with the outside world. ThatKim constructive element in any home is window. In the classic version is a wooden window frame, which contains the glass. This entire construction is mounted in the window opening of the wall. Of course, the windows are also subject to improvement, as well as other constructions. Today, the main objective in the design of the windowsIt is to ensure the required level of energy saving and seals. Of course, also take into account the simplicity and adaptability of production window designs. In this regard, today the main direction of development of the window industry is the creation and modernization of structures on the basis of metal-profile. By the way, if you are a resident of the capital andyou are interested in has a lot of manufacturers who are able to produce the desired window size for you, and then deliver them to the right place for you, for example, the company " AEgroup " at the Kharkov Highway 19.

What is a plastic window?

For the first time new windows appeared on the market in the middle of the last century, however, the former USSR distribution began only at the turn of XX and XXI centuries. What is the difference from the traditional plastic windows wooden? The name this type of window received primarily from the frame structure. Unlike trational windows, which uses a frame made of solid wood blocks, plastic window has a frame made of special plastic chamber profile made of PVC. It also has a wiring thickness, but inside is not integral, and is composed of several air chambers separated by partitions. Such an arrangementand reduces heat loss through the frame, as the air is a poor heat transfer.

His other name (metal and plastic) - the window was due to the fact that in one of the cameras installed U-shaped or a closed loop on the metal profile, which provides all the necessary rigidityth design. In addition, the frame structure of this type has an improved sealing system that eliminates such a unpleasant phenomenon as drafts and moisture from entering. The second distinguishing feature is the design of plastic windows windows. Unlike the traditional wooden box, which is installed in one or two foxesthat glass is fused in frame mounted glazing: two or three sheets of glass between which is formed by the installation space around the perimeter of the spacer sleeve. The whole structure is sealed around the perimeter and inside the air or inert gas also prevents heat loss.

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