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Israeli cosmetics Dr.Nona (Dr. Nona)


In the world there are no women, kotoHeaven would not dream of eternal youth and beauty. It is known that a lot of dermatologists and cosmetologists are advised to use different healing clays and special sea mud. Particularly well-known and popular Dead Sea mud, because they have special healing properties and features. Of course, not everyone can attendthis place and use its resources. Therefore, a well known company, "Dr. Nona" long ago solved this problem and offers high-quality products, which consists of a number of minerals, salts, antioxidants and minerals from the Dead Sea that will help you to always look fresh and young.

The company "Dr. Nona

The main base of absolutely all products Dr.Nona was the discovery of Dr. Nona Kuhinoy, namely the possibility of merging into a single complex bioproducts and Dead Sea minerals, vitamin-rich, environmentally friendly, having the biological activity of plant extracts and aromatherapy quality French oils. Beneathbnaya base of pharmaceutical compositions much enhances the interaction of all the healthful ingredients and, as a result, may have a beneficial effect ochent.

Dr. Nona" - a company that is very responsible attitude towards the development of their products, so before release it for sale, beauty products are endeavor toYelnia tested in laboratories. Therefore, you can be completely sure that the cream of the company contain healing properties only and do not cause irritation and allergic to the face. With the help of medicinal herbs and pure aromatherapy oils, there is the effect of rejuvenating the face. In addition, after several treatments, your skin will be softer and moresweeter.

Some women and even girls complain about their flabby skin. Health experts say that one of the main reasons for this phenomenon are diet, different diseases and excitement.

Shop "Dr. Nona"

In, you can buy and pick up a specialny cream for elasticity and skin rejuvenation. In addition, by visiting the website drnona-moscow.ucoz, you will find a large selection of cosmetic products offer you and you can order it right here.

So, if you want to have a beautiful, supple and delicate skin, then welcome to the store, "Dr. Nona.

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