What is the moonshine?


Today, celebrating each holiday in most Ludad can not do without the use of alcoholic beverages. This tradition dates back to ancient times and has come to us from Greece, since there without wine does not do any celebrating important dates. And to celebrate so much more fun, because there is always funny moments that are remembered for a long time.

TechnologyIt does not stand still, so mankind has invented such devices that can be used to produce alcohol, even in its pure form. Let us today to learn more about these devices.


moonshine need to get a strong alcoholic drink. Floorchayut it by distillation of alcohol containing mass, ie, wine or home-made beer. In order to get the brew should have moonshine with a refrigerator. As the moisture vapor pass therethrough, and then condense on the walls of a particular flow and the outstretched container. If you have good skills, you can get a delicious and napitapprox only 2 distillation. Did you know that moonshine necessarily need to further purify it? It is clear that from this treatment depends on how the drink is safe for your health and that of your loved ones.

A few years ago was considered moonshine distiller, who representeda device that collects and condenses the vapors containing alcohol. Today, they are considered not only distillers, and rectification columns because they also have the opportunity to make moonshine. However, one advantage of the distillation column. They even have the ability to sort the inside and produce a pair of nher pure alcohol. The main ridge is the quality of these drugs, but the distillers - the number.

Why is it important to choose distillation columns?

If we brew moonshine, then usually it contains large amounts of harmful impurities. Here we are talking about fusel oil, acetone and others. These substancesThey have the ability to cause headaches, nausea and even heartburn. However, the main disadvantage of these substances is that they accumulate in the human body, they may lead to the destruction of health. So today there are devices that are able to separate these chemical compounds. These are the distillation columns: about them already mentioningout above. Let's find out more of what constitutes this unit.

Distillation columns are devices that are necessary to obtain pure alcohol (about 96%). The principle of operation is based on them what is going on heat and mass transfer process. As a result of which condensation occurs PADr. separately. That is, with the help of distillation columns, we have an excellent opportunity to brew quality than using the classic device.


Well, moonshine is used to produce alcoholic beverages or alcohol in its pure form. It depends on what kind of devices will be used. Drinking alcohol, remember that misuse can only hurt your health.

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