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Summer it's time to hot. Wherever we went, or in a cafe, or simplythen strolled through the streets, everywhere we see a lot of points where they sell this incomparable dessert. However, in hot weather, to our amazing product is not spoiled and do not need to store it melted in a specially designated location, ie the freezer. Nowadays there are so many kinds of ice cream trucks. This is a special windowsand which is designed to be sold this tasty product. For this snap need to spend an electric wire from the usual outlets. By the way, in Russia the company produces « East Fair ».

Each manufacturer offers manufacturing trucks in different styles: the style of "retro" - that is a worn outazhivanie by hot gas, ventilated refrigeration and the like. To warm air did not penetrate from the outside, glass hermetically closes the work area. There is also provided a sink for washing spoons, so that the customer gets the ice cream truck to be fully functional. Container capacity is different depending on the conbnostey customer, which may be arranged in two levels. The air temperature is adjustable from - 4 ° C to 30 ° C, relative humidity - 55%, and to keep the cold allows from 6 to 20 hours. The price is also diverse and allows you to select a cart for every budget.

One of the most common species areLeszek, which is more elegant and more modern - this ice cream truck that is produced by the Italian manufacturer of Frigomat Italy , and the ice cream is made by professional craftsmen conveys the whole atmosphere of this country.

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