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Being in a state of constantoh bustle and stress, seeing nothing but work and at home, we from time to time so you just want to get together with friends, anywhere in the open air, inhale the scent of smoke from the fire, and taste the dishes prepared on the fire. This is quite normal desire, you can even say subconscious, accumulated by generations of mankind, because drevnosminute, nothing but fire for cooking was not. One of the most well-liked dishes prepared not only to the fire, as the participation of smoke from it are a variety of meats, from meat to fish. Their salty taste and the smell of smoke makes them taste unforgettable and popular among the broad masses of the population. Most of these proproducts can freely buy in the supermarket, what, in fact, residents of the city and enjoy the band, but in fact this approach, as with any mass production can lead to loss of product quality.

In most cases, those meats that we buy in shops do not have the natural taste and can simply bebe hazardous to health. Actively using their raids on the nature of barbecues, many are not even aware that we can proceed in this way, and if you want to personally prepare smoked dish (fish, steak, etc.). The modern market is represented by a huge number of portable and stationary large smokehouses for household use, except togoh, make it yourself is not difficult. First of all, you need to understand what flavor would you want to get, and therefore choose the appropriate type of smoke installation.

Lines of smoking

All current smoker, regardless of shape, size, functionality can be divided in to two mainATEGORY depending on the method of smoking:

  • Smokehouse Smoked . Smoke occurs at 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. This approach is longer (from several hours to several days), but allows for fine fragrances andtaste, besides significantly extend the validity to eat (meat in the cellar can be stored up to one year);
  • Smokehouse smoked. They process takes place at temperatures from 70 to 120 degrees. This is a faster way (from 15 minutes to 4-5 hours)But goryachekopchenny product should be consumed within just 36 hours.

How does a hot smoker?

Given the speed of the cooking process, it has some design features that are intended to contribute to more effective preparation:

  • First, such a smokehouse, more precisely, the chamber which contains the product and there is smoking, should be placed in a so-called chimney casing - tapering towards the top of the container. This is necessary to ensure that the smoke flows evenly < / li>
  • Second, a smokehouse for smoked should haves extremely dull floor;
  • Third, the thermometer must be present, dyal order to be able to control the temperature range, and thus the taste, and the presence of hazardous substances in the product.

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