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Tunnel across the Bering Strait

Today's world is getting  tight every day. Courage and scientific achievements connect most remote areas of the earth, making people closer, erasing borders. It is not surprising that over time, people trying to overcome all the big obstacles. If earlier it was Bering Straita river between the villages and unreliable raft, in our time - it is enormous distances between continents and complex arteries of tunnels. Now, many eyes are turned to the Bering Strait - an ambitious project, designed to connect in the near future two great continents: Eurasia and North America. It is intended to fundamentally change the economic life of the region and our current understanding of the impossible. In order to understand all the risks associated with the project its enough to look at photos of the Bering Strait. Endless water column, almost per hundred kilometers has divided continents, covered with huge blocks of ice frightens and fascinates at the same time with its inaccessibility. Let's take a look into the past and try to understand how and when such a daring idea had appeared for the first time.
Tunnel across the Bering StraitIts obvious that such a thought occurred with the development of the region, building of railways and infrastructure development. As it says in Wikipedia, in 1890 the governor of the State of Colorado for the first time expressed the idea of the connection of North America and Eurasia  by railway ferry connection. The idea was supported by the head of the Union of Pacific roads and entered the United States "Harriman plan". Before the revolution, Russia was finishing the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and Nicholas II approved the project, which was able to connect to the continents. Unfortunately, the October Revolution has prevented its implementation.The October Revolution Later, Lenin also agreed to implement this project, but in this case it becomes impossible  due to the First World War. In the future, the establishment of a road, capable to connect the two continents have repeatedly discussed, were allocated money on research of similar projects, and in Alaska even going reservation of land for road of future highway.
Tunnel across the Bering Strait2007 must be considered the key year to this draft, when Russia adopted important documents about the development of roads in the Far East, and Putin approved the strategy of development of railway transport in Russia up to 2030. A little later, in April 2007 in Moscow, was held the international conference "Trans continental Railway Eurasia - America across the Bering Strait". Tunnel across the Bering StraitAll these measures drew public attention on the project and forced to speak about its possible implementation in the near future.  Interest in the project was warmed by the fantastic drill machine, ordered by Roman Abramovich. This Tunnel complex is able to build the largest in the the world at present tunnels with a diameter of 19 meters. Tunnel across the Bering StraitUnfortunately, we can not speak about this information, as about absolutely reliable. The necessity to build such a tunnel has become more actively discussed in 2010, due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, that caused disruptions in air travel.
So what does the project of a tunnel across the Bering Strait currently represent.Tunnel across the Bering Strait Is planned to build three tunnels of several parts. Two of them will be transport, one in each direction, and one service, where will be placed the equipment and cables. Part of the tunnel will be under water, part on the Diomede Islands. In such a way engineers plan to reduce the length and complexity of the construction of underwater part. First of all these are technical and economic problems. Natural forces resist human's bold idea, Tunnel across the Bering Straitneed to attract large amounts of money. The Incarnation is only possible through the coordination of actions, which leads to the emergence of another series of difficulties.
Thus, we see a difficult road of project of tunnel across the Bering Strait. I think that even half of this road has not yet passed , but still, in spite of everything, i would like to see the realization of this ambitious project. As proof of the strength and steadfastness of human design, hardness of his intentions.

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