Electric bike Townie GO


The company Electra, produces vysokokachestvennye electric bike Townie GO. If you buy just such a bike - it just means that you are a modern man, and go with the times. It is a guarantee of cleanliness and protects the environment.

However, probably the main positive of its quality is that it is a high quality, hasvery beautiful design which will highlight the uniqueness of your particular immediate. Also, it is very safe to use. That is why, if you're buying it to your child, you can be sure that it does not cause them any harm, and will bring only benefit to use.

electric bicycles will be indispensable to your companion, if you move it around the city or in the village. However, if you do not know how to ride a bike, you can definitely be sure that it will help you learn how to do it without the application great efforts, while not having any bruises on his body. By the way, Townie GO MOzhno on the official website of the Russian Electra: electrabike.ru.

Looking at the comments of the people who are already in their arsenal, this miracle of transport, you can make sure that no negative impact it has. For example, some of them:

  • Irina, 24 years old. St. Petersburg. "I bought elektrovolosiped only to the morning sports. So like in its simple use, and that does not need to exert a lot of effort, they decided to go to work. Now I am saving both travel and there are no health problems ";
  • Basil, 32 years old. Moscow . "I Bought for his son to engage in disputethat from an early age. Now he even forgot about computer games, which once often involved. And constantly goes on it. Zamani and his friends. Now I'm relaxed about it. After all, he always rides with friends in our backyard ".

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