Types of metal, used in the manufacture of parts

< p style = "text-align: left;"> The level of current knowledge and technology involves SATISFIEon the widespread use of various parts, which are manufactured by the methods of metalworking (turning, drilling, milling, grinding, etc.). In addition, quite often it requires the use of methods of heat treatment to obtain the necessary strength and elastic properties of the material items and much more.

Metal - this is quite a wide range of operations performed on metal workpieces. Naturally, in order to carry out such operations must have required a fleet of machines that can afford metalworking plants, or more or less wealthy owners of private companies.

Given the level of employment in the private sector, the demand for this equipment, especially high-precision, numerically controlled, Bude not cause the slightest doubt share. This is logical, because for the manufacture and assembly of the simplest designs of sheet metal parts, you must first get a blank(Laser, plasma cutting machines, punching stamping complexes), and then give them the shape of the finished product (eg, bent on bending machines). For all this requires special equipment, and with it the free areas, and of course, the staff knows how to handle it.

It is obviousThat small enterprises which have good ideas but do not have the financial capacity to hold the space, equipment and specialists to service, the question of the manufacture of parts need to be addressed very differently. The best approach to making the necessary products in terms of quality, time and money,is   at the enterprises, which have the appropriate facilities and experience.

Lines metalworking, used in the custom

As already stated above, metal products - is quite voluminous and wide range of services, which can include the following operasation:

  • Cutting metal . Any product has the dimensions that affect the size of the preform. The most common metal products made of sheet or structural shapes, by trimming the factory billet to the required size. ECwhether it comes to the sheet metal, there come into play often laser or plasma cutting systems (sheet thickness greater than 3 mm), or punching stamping complex (sheet thickness of 3 mm inclusive). And those and other systems have management software, and thus provide a relatively high accuracy of the final polyvinyl productsand I. If high accuracy is required, we can use the guillotine method. In the case of shaped (round, square, hexagonal, tubular, etc.) rolled for harvesting the required size using band saws;
  • Obrabotka with the removal of a layer of material . This treatment takes place on metal turning, milling, sanding complexes that give the blank form of the finished product;
  • Heat . It used to make the product or its individual areaspits (surfaces) required physical and mechanical properties, primarily - hardness;
  • Stamping . The complex works whose purpose is to provide a slab of bulk items. Depending on the complexity of the final product, stamping can proishdit or on bending machines or with special stamps;
  • Casting . Method of manufacturing bulky articles or preforms by pouring the molten metal into the proper shape.


UseMaintenance services metalworking companies can significantly reduce production time, efficient use of materials, to reduce the total cost, improve accuracy.

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