What you should know when choosing hosting for the site

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Choose a site for hosting - this is a serious and difficult hTasks for webmasters - beginner. First you need to understand what it is hosting, as well as what it is.

And so, Hosting - a service that provides a certain computing power for the physical location of the information is on a specific server that is billetingNGOs in the network. In other simple words, the hosting - a certain kind of computer that will host your site on the Internet. Perhaps the most important question is:: free or paid?

As for free, then it is usually a good choice, but not always. The fact that the patchesit is still necessary, and you do it in person, or someone else, does not matter. If, however, you put on a free hosting your site. After a while you'll notice that it is also placed a lot of ad units that you have nothing to do. And this leads to the fact that they will spoil very siflax on your website. However, nobody will be able to give a guarantee that the site will be a long enough period. It can remove at any time. And it will be very sad to realize that such a long and laborious work will not bring any result.

That's why it turns out such a conclusion, if youwant to succeed, you must select only paid hosting.
The main criterion in his selection is a "price / performance".

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