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In the bath a special cult in Russia. Since ancient times, the people built a bathhouse at first, and then a house for shelter. He loved the people to bAnka warm up. But then, if, to be honest and fair in all the peoples of Bath was a sacred place. No wonder that there is a saying that after the bath-house, as if born again.

Back in the 5th century there was a tradition to invite guests to the bath, first nation soared, bathed, took the ritual « purification & raquo ;, andthen to the table and planted, treated « naidkami » Yes drinks. And now, many owners of suburban areas,   built at his dacha bath. That was where to come, hover, take off fatigue and stress accumulated during the working and living conditions of   life. But the possibility is not at all.

So what now? I deny myself the pleasure and enjoy this iron bath or shower? And how pleasant sensations? &Nbsp; Well, not everything is so bad, in and out, for sure there.

Complex « Imperial Bath »

For those who do not have   the luxury of its own in the country, and have been withBuildings here are complex. The name of the complex « Imperial Bath » He speaks for itself. This means that here collected the best, all that is able to meet all the requirements of the Kings. &Nbsp;

The complex offers:

  • « Russian bath & raquo ;, all traditional   services that okThey are ordered in ancient Russia;
  • modern SPA-procedures;
  • catering service of the bath, and the value does not have a corporate or whether it is an individual visit.

You have a meeting with a business partner? The party with old friends, or jubileeMDL company? Perfect! &Nbsp; Better than in a bath – entertainment complex you it's not organized. Imagine the pleasure of traditions blond with light steam bath, and then immediately ice water. What better way to strengthen the body? Your body will soon be strong, comes to tone. &Nbsp; And then as soon as you can of holesedat tea room, sip herbal tea, and immediately tune in peace. You'll feel like your strength restored, go away all anxiety and sadness, all life experiences. And life becomes beautiful! Do you want something more modern? Then no problem. &Nbsp; Massage and SPA-treatments – at your services.

The complex includes SPA-procedures:

  • birch twigs wash with soap, made from herbs;
  • scrub the entire body;
  • herbal, milk, ice and pine font;
  • for besomsI have legs and the entire body.

A visit to the salt room and a cedar barrel will bring toxins from the body, improve our respiratory system, beneficial effect on the whole body. Well, then, welcome to the banquet hall. Here you can taste the dishes of old Russian cuisine, and receives a real pleasure from it.


visit banno- ozdoroavitelny complex « Imperial Bath & raquo ;, you solve all your business issues, get great pleasure from the evening spent with friends, enjoying the wonderfully prepared dishes. What else can be the moasnee? You still hesitate? Right, do not visit and see it!

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