Elixir "Phoenix", created according to ancient recipes of the imperial family

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Most of us at least once by example sensed the meaning of the proverb "no mistakes tolko someone who does not do anything. "Each of us is wrong, because that is our nature, but some people are very active in their activities and, logically, have a better chance vstryat into anything. On the contrary, there are other parts that are more calm and perseverance, and so may well interpret this saying, for example, in this way:"If you stay at home, then nothing will happen." This view is quite mistaken, and from it, as well as the general trend towards a more sedentary lifestyle today suffers a great part of humanity.

Our body is designed so that it is obliged to remain in motion, then all systems and processes, especially metabolic and immune Normanno function. Lego assume that in proportion to the reduction in motor activity, and decreases the body's protective barrier, developing a variety of complex diseases (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal profile and so on. N.).

Of course a person is constantly in search of the scientific tools that wouldhelped to solve all these problems, especially at the stage where they have to decide immediately. The use of chemical products (pharmaceutical) origin certainly effective, but in most cases, causes serious harm to the health of other organs (eg, liver and gastrointestinal tract, especially after chemotherapy sessions). In such circumstances, you need to lookassistance force nature as a primary drug and as a preventive and reducing agent.

Phoenix Force

One of these tools is a natural preparation "Elixir of Phoenix", produced and sold by the Chinese company Fohow. Do not immediately build any associationThat arise once instantly at the mention of the word "Chinese". The fact that the methods of traditional medicine in China have been known for several thousand years, and tested a thousand times. Moreover, all the components of the drug is only natural, so do not bring harm to the body. has the following composition: :

  1. Cordyceps Sinensis Extract . This kind of chilli mushroom that the East is considered almost a panacea for all ills, excellent immunosuppressant;
  2. Extract Lingzhi . Also, mushroom, medicinal properties which are valued for centuries in Kitae because of its obschestimuliruyuschego and strengthens the impact on the entire body;
  3. Shiitake extract. The fungus, which has excellent safety and reducing properties;
  4. Himalayan honey . Honey is extremely rich in vitamins trace elements, active substances, possessingAET restorative and immune stimulatory function. This assembly is also used as a natural preservative;
  5. Astragalus . Used to display the so-called "bad blood" from the body;
  6. Chinese Dereza . The perfect tool for strengthening the musculoskeletalon the motor system.

Indications for use

With a wide spectrum of action, "Elixir of Phoenix" can be effectively applied in the fight against and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and nervous system, cancer, hematological, Allergies and other diseases.


"Elixir of Phoenix" is a wonderful natural bioimmunoenergoregulyator, providing quick and effective action on the seat of the problem.

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