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It has been 24 years old, as the huge Soviet empire collapsed, and with it all the usual vzaimootwearing, principles of functioning of the economy and the extent to which the rights and desires of each individual citizen. That was a huge country in which everything has been put on public rails, including employment. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the transition to universal democratic principles and equality, habitual markets and Prilozhenation enterprises practically stopped. Instead, he started to develop small and medium sized private businesses. Today, open a business easier (what would happen - is another question). This is the first step towards the realization of their desires, aspirations and potential, but one of his unfortunately sorely insufficient to successfullyth and prosperous business. Business will only exist if it brings real gains, which is when the constant will improve sales of finished products.

The role of management in modern conditions

It's no secret that the result of this freedom of action is the increase in supply, POSCOnly one and the same product (or at least the same type) produced a large number of companies. To survive in such conditions and start to grow steadily, you can competently organize the work of the company's management - the people directly responsible for the formation of the client base and increase sales. Their task - to build an effective system of interaction with Clieuntami constantly develop and implement new methods of sales. The ability to sell a new, fast, efficient - a measure of excellence manager, his move with the times. One of the trends in modern management is considered to be the method of telephone sales.

The method

Statically, the development of the vast majority of the customer base "first contact" with potential clients is carried out over the phone - the "cold call". It is logical that this fact can be used more efficiently, moving from probing the soil and dating to instant sales. Naturally, in order to effecded to conduct telephone sales, you need to gradually develop the qualities needed for this, namely:

  1. Self . This is the first condition for a successful start, because only if the manager is confident that the goods which he sells, he will be able to sell it over the phone;
  2. The brevity and conciseness . There is generally accepted that during a telephone conversation with the customer, it should be a manager to be as brief and concise;
  3. Providing the opportunity to speak to the customer . This item is directly related to the previous one, as quickly and accurately set outin their views, the manager leaves enough time for the client saying the thoughts (the more recent, the closer the success);
  4. The study of the client's . Without it, you will not be able to work out an effective strategy of conversation;
  5. Making the script (scenario I). It is akind of a crib, talk a precise plan, sticking which will accurately and quickly express their thoughts. By the way, you can buy ready-made that will increase sales by 100% or more.


Telephone sales - is the highest level of professionalism of the manager, which you can reach daylevies themselves and making the first call.

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