Revolver Safari 431 Russian M chambered Flaubert


Throughout its history since the dawn of time, when a personjust beginning to form the first community and unions, remotely similar to the state, to modern realities, it is constantly engaged in war. Reasons to start such a bloody event can find the car, as they say - from personal enmity and feuds planned to fight for resources.

All this time, people developed, invented and perfected his weapons. Beginning of the modern era weapons can in principle count since the establishment of a firearm in the cartridges. The most famous representatives of this type of weapons were revolvers, widely used around the world, and especially in the Wild West.

Ustroystin revolver

In terms of purpose and design, the gun is a gun for close combat, such as a multiply. Usually one-time charge of six revolver bullets placed in a circular manner in the chambers of the rotating drum. At the time of the shot, the camera with a cartridge beforeconstitutes an extension of the barrel of a revolver, and after it is rotated, giving place to the next.

The most prominent and well-known representative of this class of weapon, so to speak, "a classic of the genre," is an American revolver Colt Paterson XIX century or just a Colt. The main feature of this revolver, the catoraya largely determined the trend of development of weapons for centuries to come, is the use of an ignition capsule charging sleeve cartridge.


The capsule - a small glass, which is set in the bottom of the sleeve and cartridge ignites the charge in the sleeve. It is made from myagkoy brass and filled with sensitive explosives.

In the implementation of the shot, the firing pin hit the primer, a mixture detonates and ignites the charge in the sleeve. This scheme involves a powerful shot and a more complex design of the sleeve, with availability of the powder charge. But there are times when you do not need a powerfularrows - preferred quieter and far away. In this case, the need for complex sleeves as such disappears.

This principle is implemented in the design of cartridges Flaubert. Unlike the traditional method of ignition in these central capsule is absent, and the mixture is pressed into detonation creptus sleeve bottoms. Consequently, the striker hit a revolver falls not on the center of the liner, not the peripheral surface. Thus it carried out so-called rimfire.

Revolver Safari (Safari) RF 431M

In Ukraine, a similar weapon ammunition produces weapons Kharkov Headod "Latek." In particular, we can note the nine revolvers type chargers that are designed for the type of cartridges Flaubert caliber 4.0 mm. Revolver this model is designed to conduct a semi-automatic sports training shooting.

The revolver has a rifled barrel type on which are mounted sighting Adaptationstion: a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight. The gun is equipped with trigger mechanism of double action.

Another feature of this revolver is its completely authentic origin, that is, all the parts are produced in Ukraine, as well as their final assembly. This is important inliyaet in the final price, which is significantly lower than their foreign counterparts.

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