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How many people live on earth as it develops.And stand in one place does not work, even if you really want to stand up. Well, there it was, you sweep away the flow of traffic. And if you're also a teacher, something about peace during forget. If the teacher constantly evolve, it will simply cease to be. Not literally, of course, value. To listen to you students, you need to go forward, constantlyto develop, not to look backward, if you will ask any question. To check the level of knowledge of teachers spend grading. Let rassomtrim what they are.

Types certification uchitiley

Certification of teachers is held regularly every five years. Teacher   reports on aboutto do the work during this period. Certification of teachers needed then when:

  • install a post matching the teacher;
  • certification for the establishment of an order of magnitude higher category available. Higher category is optional teachingworker.

The attestation must pass every single teacher.

Tasks certification

Many people are asking themselves why certification, if a person has studied at the university and got a diploma. But certification aims to not check the quality of the diploma, and:

  • make the teaching staff continually improve their level, to explore and implement in the life of   New learning technologies, improve methodological work;
  • improve the quality of the teacher;
  • to identify potential teachers;
  • to provide differentiation of wages.

Who conducts the certification of teachers

Attestation committee decides whether to award you a higher qualification or   determines whether you comply with the post by open vote. At a meeting of KomiSMAI each   Evaluators presents a report on its work. And the work is taken into account throughout the period, and not just in the last year. Prepare your presentation or portfolio, which indicates its achievements over the appraisal period. Great value for assignment   higher qualification have   publication of articles, carsrskih teacher development. This is a definite plus to the award of a higher qualification.

Publication of materials

Own publications in the media - a prerequisite in order to increase their level of qualification. The easiest way – This post develop Internete, where they can read millions of readers.   Thanks to these articles, the author reveals his potential shares experience. And, most importantly, put your development   It is completely free. The author of the work, at the request,   can get a certificate, but the certificate of need to pay a certain amount. The most important condition forradiation such evidence - is that the work is the author, the original and have not been previously published.  

Main genres and directions Content

The article can be written for   such directions   the teacher:

  • &guidelinesnbsp; for the study of specific topics;
  • original scripts for the extra-curricular activities, educational hours, theme evenings, etc..;
  • abstract classes for the study of his subject;
  • various workshops;
  • developing themed games, puzzles and quizzes.

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