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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Man is by nature a very, very curious creature. We constantly strive tothe accumulation of new knowledge and skills, which takes place in a natural, unconscious form and in a structured and focused. In my life we ??all go through symbolic stage in its development, that form our future attitudes and place under the sun in this very complex world. We go to kindergarten, where we instill basic skills in schoolsy - which formed a common educational base, and in the professional or higher education which shapes our worldview and professional level of qualification and specialization of the future.

But even then, getting to market conditions working in their own profile or that we often come to the realization thatOn that prior learning is absolutely not enough to effectively carry out their professional tasks. There is even an opinion: "Forget what you knew before, because you did not know and did not know how." On the one hand, this is a very crucial approach, the actual knocking a man down: it turns out that five years in high school andmore than a decade - at school were a waste of time. And the situation is there only because our specialized education and the real economy - is actually a separate sector, which, instead of interconnection and integration are virtually cut off from each other.

Simply put, the level and extent ofdgotovki not meet the current level of the economy and the needs of the market in certain specialists. But it is not so disastrous as it looks at first glance, since all Milestones are critical - they form the main thing, namely, the human capacity for self-directed learning. Naturally, in order to enhance their directofessionalny and intellectual level will need a lot of time and sources of third party information and profile, and perhaps the only one that combines many areas. That information resource is "Helpiks":.

Why do we need "Helpiks"

This site is a resource - a kind of how muchU?ka adults, wand wand for anyone who needs a certain profile information and practical advice in their work and life. This resource was created by the initiative group of like-minded people, probably the same as the ones that have created and continue to create Wikipedia. It collected more than 260 thousand information essays that can into a princene and be good advice in the case, and the perfect companion in the learning process, professional activities, household repairs, creating their personal articles or inventions.

The structure of the resource "Helpiks"

Today is an information resource "power" in more than two hundred and fifty thousands of articles on different topics. They are all united in 27 major categories, which allows you to organize the structure of the storage and retrieval of material required. Here there are natural scientific categories (geography, biology, ecology, etc.), technical (mechanics, construction), education (philology, pedagogy, philosophy, mathematics, physics,etc.), and many others.


Each of us needs the knowledge, that is, information that at the appropriate efficiency can play a key role in our business.

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