Popular women's clothing: Blouse.


In the mature man is always a fever of creativity, which is why ms so much achieved in its development and continue to conquer new heights. Today, human life is very dynamic and unpredictable, so often have to think about your wardrobe, its expansion and improvement. This is especially true of women who have to be beautiful, but it is not quite possible without stylish clothes, buy toTorah sometimes turns into a whole saga.


One of the most sought-after and popular forms of women's clothing for the summer period are blouses. In its form and content - it's easy waisted shirt, usually made of thin fabric. Almost inseparable elements lJuba blouses are sleeves, cuffs and collar.


In terms of layout and ease of dressing, blouses can sew on two schemes:

  • tunics (no buttons, dress up over her head);
  • traditional ruBaska with buttons.

Quite often blouse decorated with various decorative elements (eg, jabot, ruffles, bubbly composition and so on. N.). If we consider wearing blouses, in the modern sense, they are suitable for virtually any form of the rest of the clothes they wear, along with:

  • skirts (the traditional approach);
  • trousers;
  • shorts.

Blouses white strict close fitting cut is often one of the essential attributes of the business style of women in many companies.


The choice of materials from which sew blouses, also prewarflax wide. For example, for the same office, official work, often chosen blouses made of natural materials such as linen or cotton canvas. They will also be relevant for everyday wear, which particularly affects on hot days. Formal same events often choose blouses made of silk, satin or chiffon.

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