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People who lack the adrenaline in your life like watching horror. Watching movies in this genre we Standbyamu from the script unexpected moments: the killer that here - that produce control shot, the victim, who suddenly revives suddenly starts ringing phone. By the way, watch in HD please visit: MIRSTRAHOV.RU.

The only way to stay alive in such films - count all steps killerand beat him. That is, to this genre of film include films that are able to create a tense atmosphere, to scare the viewer to feel concern for the characters. Fear - the main component of which is present in horror movies, and is manifested through certain events. This emotional state of the viewer develops onbackground fantastic events on the screen, as well as psychopathological human action: violence, blood, showing human internal organs and the like.

An essential character is a sexy reporter who should be aware of all the events that falls into different funny situations, trying to stopANOVA killer. It is this development captures the viewer's interest and is what will happen next. That is, the main plot of this genre is the struggle between good and evil. In the role of the evil acts element, the monster or the person who has obvious problems with the psyche. The good side is doing everything possible, noble action to stop hlo. However, not all cases of good wins.

The origins of the show takes another horror films of the nineties the nineteenth years, when the screens came the painting "The Haunted Castle" Georges Melesom removed in 1986. Also for the first horror films that have influenced the cinema in Hollywood include German expressionism, as in1920 was first imaged in the vampire film "Nosferatu". During these years, the horror genre is often used in Hollywood dramas.

The evolution of cinema has experienced a lot of changes thanks to the latest technology. Gradually began to produce films about cannibals, vampires, werewolves, zombies and comedy movies tooaces. There is now sufficient current revision of horror movies online, directly from the computer screen. The site MIRSTRAHOV.ru You need to find the right section and carry your favorite movies. Here are themselves popular film of this genre.

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