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The modern world - a world of high and advanced technology are endlessth communication and open people. We are all trying to keep up with this rapid race of technology, but sometimes it seems that our children, especially the youngest, still do not know the dirty tricks of this world, do it once so very harmoniously, natively, without pointers. The explanation for this phenomenon, meanwhile, is not such a complicated: on the one hand, a greater roleis the level of training and education of parents (that can be passed genetically), and with another - the age of 3-5 years, the child absorbs most strongly about all that happens, it is not surprising that he can sort out your smartphone faster you. Our children from an early age surrounds the huge amount of equipment, but one of the nhe most certainly is a favorite television, and now the computer that having access to the Internet, lets not look like the parents at the time "Evening fairy tale" or "Well, wait a minute!" and choose the cartoons in its sole discretion (the more so that their Today, a great many).

What are YouTube and how to fight it?

YouTube - is a virtual video hosting one of the most popular and visited resources in the world. Here, anyone can post your videos or to watch a video and comment on the work of other users. In so difficult to guess that the little curious child who was interested in everything, everything, everything, and especially colorfuland a variety of cartoons, YouTube can sit there all day without food or sleep. This situation where children, in fact, brought YouTube'om has a dual nature, keeping as positive effects and moments, and at all the negative and destructive. Let's try to focus on all of them in more detail.

Positive aspects

Undoubtedly, the more information a child absorbs, the better for its development, the more likely it is itself (that a small child is like a sponge to absorb the information, that is the perfect disciple , it mentioned above). Most of us are looking at a two-year toddler who articulates well, before the buildingsupply and knows by heart all the cartoon characters, not to mention the practical skills with gadgets will surely say "a good fellow".

The negative aspects

But the wording in the long run is very superficial, because the child absorbs information equally, regardless of its contentI have a real impact on the psyche. What happens if your kid thumbing through lists of videos on YouTube, suddenly, instead of the movie comes across on video is clearly not children's content? On the one hand, it may interest him, and may cause irreparable harm to the psyche. Besides, even not all cartoons meet the criteria by which to filter viewseoryad to see the baby. In addition to substantial negative factor, itself a long-view movies on the TV screen or computer has the physiological contra, especially for young children. Among them can be distinguished in the development of disorders, metabolic, cardiovascular and nervous systems, brain, increasing theIt is passivity and inability to organize their leisure without video images. View the video sequence also negatively affect the development of speech and creative thinking (no wonder they say that it is very important for children to read books as they develop this very thinking and imagination).


Despite the arguments of experts,that TV viewing to 3-4 years strongly encouraged, we can not reduce this figure to zero. But it is in our power to limit it to an acceptable minimum, as well as filtering harmful content.

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