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Most of living of citizens of working age anywaycome from another country, another world (in a different understanding of it) - the USSR. It was a powerful country with a well-built system of production and state planning, whereby people could count on the job corresponding to his profile and knowledge. The sheer size of introducing the broad markets for products, allowingall sectors of the economy to develop, but given the isolation from the rest of the world, even if there are sufficient funds, the residents had little to afford.

The world today has changed dramatically. Borders and barriers were opened, scientific and technical level increased, planning canceled, resulting in almostEach Member man can realize himself as an individual entrepreneur. But this situation is quite contradictory, because on the one hand - a perfect environment for the development of the individual, but on the other hand, the lack of a clear line of development of the state simply makes the majority of workers to remain in a certain state of chaos, with ignoranceprospects and directions of development. Today, at least for Russia, quite important question is parallel employment or even the opening of personal business as the main place of work does not justify the private and public expectations.

The combination of Internet technology and the format of the store

But what was all this text and how it will link the concept here, naturally you ask? So you get a unique on the effectiveness of the tool to implement their ideas. After all, in fact, no matter what will be your ideas (production of unique goods, provision of services demanded or unique, nrodazha resale or something), they should make a profit, and hence should be sold target audience. In this issue, just a combination of Internet technology and the format of the store, almost has no equal in terms of communication, advertising and effective organization of the process. If you think for a minute, even on personal experience, then we arrive at theFollowing follows:

  • The buyer wants to see the variety of goods;
  • The buyer wants to have enough information about the product, both in terms of performance and independent opinions of other users;
  • The buyer chasing lower prices while maintaining quality;
  • Buyer need for transparency and komfort in the implementation purchase transactions, and hence no extra charge, annoying managers, queues, and the ability to deliver.

It all blends perfectly with the format of an online store, so he is one of the highest priorities and effective forms of business in our high-tech future. And herepotential entrepreneur is faced with a dilemma:

  • create your own online store from scratch (book design);
  • buy the finished product;
  • or rent it.

Each of these options, in principle, has nRavo on life, but it seems that for start-ups would be the most optimal option of renting ready and hyped online store. Let us try to uncover the assumptions danyne more clearly by analyzing each of the options:

Develop your own online store

This optionallows you to create a unique product and sell with the help of unique things. But in this case, you have worked long and hard to create a customer base, and to think about the promotion of the site in search engines. This is a huge waste of time, money, besides 100% without prospects of success.

Buying a ready online store

It is obvious that in terms of getting instant profits, this option is optimal because the customer base is created and expands, the site is listed on the network. However, this option is limited by the financial component, because even the most conservative estimates, site bringing net profit to 20 thousand hryvnia per month, when should contEven cost about 300 thousand, and this will agree, the sum is clearly prohibitive for the average novice entrepreneur.

Rent Create an online store

In this case, you have the opportunity to access sales tools that can be supported (as in the previous version) preparedOwari formed and expanding customer base, stable and reliable range of suppliers and of course, an excellent position in the search engines. But the beauty of this approach is that it does not require instant capital flight (which, besides yet) for the purchase of service. When this gets you into the hands of a sales tool that gives realpremium at an affordable rent. This will allow to accumulate their capital to implement their ideas, perspectives and actually seeing the profitability of their classes.

From all the above begs the logical outcome:

Rent finished, hyped online store is the most optimalnym way to start a personal business online, as compared with the other options, clearly has more pros than cons.

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