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Probably, many agree that knowledge jurisdiction and nRabbi their state are never superfluous. Besides, every self-respecting person with a high level of erudition, just have to know the most important moments and nuances in this area. Especially to such knowledge is necessary to tame the younger generation, on which our future rests. Agree that if the young people who want to find a prestigious andpaid job, will not be able to answer basic questions about the « human rights and freedoms & raquo ;, they will overtake the same picture, what happened to the heroes of the famous fables Ivan Krylov « Quartet & raquo ;. You probably know the author's words: « But you, my friends, they do not sit down, and the musicians not fit! &Raquo;. &Nbsp; &Nbsp;

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Legal conflicts. What is it?

The word conflict, which meanscollision (from Latin) is pushing the idea that we are talking about the origin of some of opposing interests, views, positions, and so on. And it is also a. Only differences, misunderstandings and contradictions   what ever happened   between special normative legal acts that control and establishing the same generalgovernmental relations. Also, it is also the controversy during the application and implementation of their rights and possibilities leaders have the competent authorities and officials.

The legal conflicts are negative, because:

  • n hinder productive workravovoy system;
  • counter to civil rights;
  • degrade the effectiveness of legal control;
  • negative impact on the rule of law and   the rule of law;
  • degrade the legal culture of mankind;
  • create a lot of problems for ordinary citizens in their use of legislation;
  • develop legal nihilism — waiver of rights and social norms, which, strictly speaking, takes control of human relationships.

Iftalk about the main causes of the legal conflict, it should be made such as:

  • underachievement of law in a more active and active attitude;
  • When to replace the outdated standards come new rules, but in some cases primarily governedI   former;
  • poor quality of legislation;
  • unsystematic work on the regulations and so on;
  • Frequent   violation of the right officials.

The legal practice to distinguish between:

  • the objective causes of conflicts of law (variability and inconsistency of public relations, which regulates the right to: social and economic crises, political problems that arise in the country, and the like);
  • subjective reasons of legal collisions (independentthe will of the legislators, politicians, whose actions may at any moment to provoke a conflict.

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