Inverter - modern type of voltage regulator


A man is critically dependent from the totality of things and actions, which are called comfort. To a great extent this is of course for the residents of the city band (especially the larger towns and cities), which have much greater access to all the benefits of an advanced civilization and, therefore, the possibility to use them (for example, to buy anything). But eatings a feeling that is equally inherent and urban and rural residents. This feeling - the demand for heat in the winter season.

It's one thing if a person is for the street and must be warm and cozy dressing. But there it can not be permanently, because you also need to eat and rest, and executebe household tasks. To house wall securely protects you from the cold, they need to be heated from the inside, and it will have to mount the heating system and its heart - the boiler.

In most modern houses and apartments are being used, so-called, mounted gas boilers (single and dvuhkontour, traditional and condensing). All share one important point - the need to connect to the mains, it is necessary to work electrical boiler (gas automation, pumps, valves, control unit, exhaust fans, and so on. D.). On this basis, it can be argued that such a boiler is strongly dependent on the operation of the power supply and frequent jumpsCove voltage (if not, power failures), which are typical for our region.


In this regard, each owner of the boiler it is recommended to use with him stabilizer or voltage inverter, which will not only provide the normal modesoperation of the equipment, but also protect it from possible damage caused by overvoltage.

Inverter - a modern type of stabilizers, which combined with the UPS in a single package. The main characteristics of the inverter are power (KW), the input signal (B) and battery voltage (typically 12 V). If we consider the price proposals, then, for example, the online store "Stabilizers-online" (STABILIZATORY-ONLINE.RU) range from 7,200 rubles. (For inverter power 0.3 KW) and up to 13,500 rubles. (For inverter power 0.6 kVA).

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