What are the types of welders


Metal, nowadays, is widely, if notseemed more used in all spheres of human activity. Use it to create a variety of hull structures that serve as key nodes in many more complex products. However, often, in order to give it the final metal configuration node need rather rigidly interconnected connect multiple bolee small elements.

One of the most popular and reliable methods to do this, is welding. From a theoretical point of view, this process of creating a permanent link through the creation of a specific zone of strong interatomic bonds. This happens due to the heating of parts arc, and followeds melting and interconnected. To create and maintain a stable arc in domestic and industrial scale use different types of welding machines (current source for the arc). By the way, on the site: you can buy all sorts of welding equipment the most famous brands.

At thistime most popular following types of welding machines:

  • Inverter . Compact mobile DC power source. The main advantage of this device is its de facto independence from the AC input voltage and frequency, as well as significantly lower costsenergy and higher efficiency;
  • Transformer unit . There are two subspecies of this unit, working with DC and AC. Despite some differences, the transformer apparatuses have great dimensions, dependent on the network parameters and insufficiently effective, in terms of efficiency andweld quality;
  • Semi . The most difficult in terms of constructive and most expensive apparatuses, which nevertheless allow to achieve a sufficiently high efficiency. It can equally effectively welded steel, including stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and so on. D.

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